Is all love not canon?

So Greg, I’ve seen all these memes about you and Macku x Hewkii, but a few days ago I watched a video called 107 facts about bionicle. One of them stated that they could feel love but couldn’t reproduce for… obvious… reasons. Is this correct or is their no love at all?

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I think what it is is that things like Matoran, Toa, and other beings from the MU cannot love, but Glatorian and Agori can and do reproduce sexualy (not to sure on the reproduction part but I think the love part is true).


IIRC there is no romantic love, but the kind of love that’s between friends and allies.

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No, there is no romantic love in the MU. Because the society has no need for mating or reproduction or marriage in order to function, there was no reason for that to ever develop.


I think it would be really funny to see an Agori try to explain romance to a Matoran.

These may interest you in that case:

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