Is Antidermis flammable?

I was told that Antidermis was a flammable gas. Is that true? Some don’t believe me when I tell them and say I should show them proof.

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“Antidermis can be destroyed by intense heat, such as the energy produced by Tobduk’s staff.”

Hope this helps!

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I believe its susceptibility to extreme heat is the closest thing . I would hesitate to say that means it’s actually flammable though. It could still be something that can be destroyed with extreme heat, without actually catching fire per se.

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I have shown them this as well. They said it would take heat stronger than a fire nova blast.

Pretty sure it doesn’t take that much heat. Lasers have been shown to destroy antidermis.

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“Anger flared in Vakama. He’d had quite enough of being led around by Makuta. He willed the external temperature of his arm to shoot up several thousand degrees. Unprepared, Makuta released him with a cry of pain (…) To his surprise, Makuta was laughing.” Time Trap p 73

That is a lot of heat. And it barely is enough for a surprise attack. I don’t think this Antidermis would be affected by a regular fire, because fire can be caused by immense heat.

Protosteel’s resistance to heat and Antidermis’ resistance to heat are two different things. A Makuta’s Antidermis is much more vulnerable when outside their armor.


I forgot. Sorry.
However, Time Trap ends with a wounded Makuta chasing Vakama through Metru Nui. His essence was exposed and his armor leaking. If Antidermis would be flammable, Vakama could have defeated Makuta with one blow. I doubt Teridax would have been that blinded by rage to ignore that.


It’s a leak. We don’t know the size of it, but it was likely quite small, since Makuta wasn’t overly concerned about it. Vakama would have to hit the leak first, a difficult feat in itself.
And anyway, Toa don’t kill. Makuta knows this. If antidermis is flammable, then hitting it with fire would be a kill shot, and Vakama wouldn’t go for that.


The leak was on his chest. Vakama does not know how the biology of the Makuta works. Even then, he was willing to destroy the mask of time, what would have been much worse than killing one guy.

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True, but Makuta didn’t know that until Vakama revealed his plan. Up until that point, Makuta probably thought, and was willing to take advantage of, Vakama being unwilling to kill.


He tried to kill Roodaka. And Makuta was aware of that.
The discussion gets a little off topic (my fault). I just wanted to say that some things don’t add up in Time Trap if this should be true.

So… is it flanmable or no?

Basically without Greg’s input we can’t be sure. We have no evidence definitively either way.

Just based on Vakama’s interactions with Teridax, I’d personally say it’s “unlikely” that it’s flammable. It’s just vulnerable to extreme heat, but not flammable.


Weird. Cuz my old friends from the Lego message boards said it was

I wouldn’t say flammable, but to vulnerable to a certain degree of heat, as it was shown in the Brothers In Arms.

A beam of white-hot energy lanced from Tobduk’s staff. It struck the antidermis in mid-air, incinerating it in a matter of moments. Tobduk didn’t turn the weapon off until every last particle was gone.