Is Bionicle OP?

Here's something that has been bothering me for a while now. With all their elemental powers, mask powers, and other assorted supernatural abilities, aren't Bionicle characters a bit Over Powered? I talked about this with an IRL friend/fellow-Bionicle fan and he explained it with a The Incredibles quote: "When everyone is super, no one will be".

I personally have trouble imagining the Toa using all the abilities the writers have given them. Perhaps it's because I'm more interested in melee/bladed combat (one reason why I liked the Glatorian story line) as opposed to magic/power blasts/dimensional portals/etc.

What are your thoughts guys?


I have a similar question: How does the Brootherhood of Makuta not already rule the Matoran Universe? I mean each one has 42 different powers, that they all seem to ignore except for Shadow Hand. stuck_out_tongue Maybe the Brootherhood is just stupid.


Maybe the Brotherhood aren't as powerful as Teridax...

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Is it ever established what Stage all their powers are at? Like, are Makuta as strong as a Stage Six Kraata, or like, a Stage 1? 'Cause if the former, then yeah, the Makuta should've won, but if it's the latter, they likely don't use those powers because they're so weak compared to their Shadow Powers.


I believe it went down something like this:

When Teridax took over he pretty much had every Makuta on a leash.

And, remember what Greg said, Teridax had levels of thought that were so complex that he had back up plans for his back up plans.

It's A pretty good explanation for why Makuta lost to Takanuva in a Kohli match.

So, Makuta was probably just holding back, that way the Toa wouldn't suspect anything and use their full strength. They only used what Makuta knew they would think they would need.

Makuta is many things, but he has no;

Unity: He has tyranny over his brothers.

Duty: He has the purposeless will of destruction and hatred.

Destiny: Death, but to whom...


Makuta losing to Takanuva was part of The Plan.

The former Brotherhood leader Miserix had no desire to take control of the Matoran Universe, that was Teridax. And once Teridax took over the order, he wanted to rule with no other Makuta. That's why he sent the most powerful remaining Makuta to Karda Nui, because he knew that when he took over the Great Spirit Robot, the Energy Storms would return and kill them. Many Makuta had already died during the Dark Hunter/Brotherhood War.


Well if you put OP characters against OP characters it balances out. I guess the contraverciality of the subject begins to apply when inhabitants of the matoran universe meet up with bara magnans.


Right. But doesn't that mean that (technically) Mata Nui could have used the Ignika to bring every foe he came across (Skopio, Strakk, Tuma) to their knees?

Right, but that's not like him; he'd much rather everyone be united rather than force everyone to follow him. Oh, and something else I can't remember at the moment.

I guess you're right. However, did we ever get to see how powerful the Legendary Kanohi (Vahi, Ignika, Avokki) were?

The Avokhi isn't legendary. It's one of a kind, yes, but the three legendary masks are of Life, Time, and Creation.

In years 06-08, we saw plenty of demonstrations of the masks' powers, for Life. Creation basically brought a lot of stuff we know today in Bionicle canon into being, and time, well, it slows down time. You don't need much more explanation that that, imo.


Makes sense. stuck_out_tongue

Yes, legomaster. Bionicle is super-OP.

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Sorry, what?

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BIONICLE really isn't over powered to me (with the exception of the Makuta). Just think of it as a comic book universe. Super powered beings but they aren't omnipotent. They have their strengths but also weaknesses and limits to what they can do.

Besides, even in BIONICLE's most OP moments it was nowhere close to the OP levels of Dragon Ball.


You mean "aren't omnipotent" right?

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Typos, man. Typos.

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they can be OP I mean look at the Dark mirror universe, the Toa pretty much wiped out the brotherhood and controls everything

The Toa wiped out the Brotherhood!? Okay, that's OP.


All Makutas are freakin' OP!
42 super powers cuz why not?

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