Is Gali telepathic?

Mr Farshtey.
I was wondering how Gali could link her mind with Takua.

@Oral_B thank you for the clarification


I’m not sure Greg can answer that

Well, Greg didn’t work on Mnolg. At the time the game came out he wasn’t even on the Bionicle team. That’s why the game is “semi-canon” compared to the rest of the storyline.
examples of things there aren’t canon in the game is Pewku being a “Taxi-crab”

Or maybe I’m completely wrong and are just making a fool os myself.


No, you’re not wrong. I had nothing to do with MNOG, so I can’t really say why they did the things they did. I can tell you that there is no story bible in which it is stated that Gali is telepathic.