Is it possible to revert a Toa to Matoran?

Is it physically possible for any member of the Matoran-Toa-Turaga cycle to be reverted to a previous form?


This is an interesting question, I hope he replies soon.


Alright, so it turns out there’s contradicting answers:

I think this is where the “first answer is canon” rule applies, in which case it’s impossible, but I’m not sure.

It’s worth noting, though, that he has confirmed elsewhere that the Ignika can turn Turaga back into Toa, so Toa to Matoran wouldn’t be that far-fetched:

Welp. That settles that then lol. I shant go against his wishes lest I incur his canonical wrath.

So the Ignika is the only canonical way to turn a Toa back to a Matoran?

It’s the only thing that can maybe do it.

Greg’s first answer (or at least the first that I could find) says that it is impossible, and the first answer should usually be taken as canon unless he specifically addresses the contradiction. However, it should also be noted that that answer was given in 2006, so the extent of the Ignika’s power likely was not fully fleshed out behind the scenes yet.

Additionally, he has confirmed, with no other contradictions (that I could find), that the Ignika can turn a Turaga back into a Toa, which supports the theory that it could also turn a Toa into a Matoran.

Finally, we also know from the actual story that it can turn a Toa Nuva into a Toa, so the idea of the Ignika downgrading someone has footing beyond just Greg Quotes.

It couldn’t turn the Toa Mata into Matoran, though, since it can only turn them into what they once were.


Hmm, good point. That is probably what he intended.

Well, we do know that Ignika could do it.

If Ignika can transform toa into matoran, why it wouldn’t work with toa that wasn’t matoran before? Ignika even did transform matoran into something that has no relation to matoran species (Dekar into Hydraxon)