Is Kazi Okay?

In a lot of Kazi’s scenes, he is shown to be highly irritated with Velika, while the other Voyatoran seem to respect Velika’s admittedly odd wisdom.

Now that Velika is really getting his master plan going, and taking out those he sees as obstacles, what is going to happen to Kazi? Would Velika want revenge on Kazi for treating him like a lunatic? Would he turn his old “friend” Kazi into a puppet for his scheme? Would he ignore Kazi as inconsequential? There are so many possibilities! What do you guys think is most in line with what we know about Velika?

Who knows? Maybe Kazi knows more about Velika than he lets on.


I think in this case Kazi was merely being irritable. Throughout the story, Ko-Matoran were shown to be the “eccentric genius thinkers” of the Matoran, being heavily focused on philosophy and science rather than actual experiments or implementation of their ideas. As such, they were personified as the “philosopher in the ivory tower”, characters who were highly intelligent, yet avoided actual society. They were shown in 2004 as being isolated, preferring to study in the Knowledge Towers rather than communicate with the other Matoran. Kazi seems to be similar, being the tactician of the Voyatoran, and hating the mysterious words of Velika because to him they are a misapplication of the sciences he is knowledgeable about.


That makes sense. Though I think there is a lot that we don’t see. It sounds like Kazi was generally pretty pessimistic, and they were stuck on Voya Nui for 1,000 years. That’s a long time to hear Velika’s crazy riddles. He already seems to have a shorter temper than the usual Ko-Matoran, kind of like how Dalu openly subverts the trope of Ga-Matoran being gentile.

I think the most likely outcome is for Velika to “forgive” any of Kazi’s frustration, with the warped “father figure” mentality he has towards the MU inhabitants. Kazi’s not a threat, just a confused ant in Velika’s great ecosystem.


Personally, I don’t think he’d know anything about Velika, he just has less patience for him. What’s more curious, imo, is how the others would react to Velika’s reveal. Yes, he lied to them, but he also killed the monster that mutilated them. Who knows, maybe they’d be inclined to hear him out.




Which book is that one from?