Is LEGO Disrespecting Bionicle?

Leakes aside, there is no reason to believe they are working right now on any constraction theme, or that they have any plans for constraction in the near future.

And why is that bad?


Don’t you think that forever is waaay too big of a word?


I really disagree. At least, for your type of intrigue.

The LEGO Movie’s nod to Bionicle is on-par with its not to Fabuland, taking up equal time and being put directly next to each other. Really, it’s ridiculous to interpret this as disrespectful when the film had absolutely nothing to do with either theme.

And the concept really deflates your argument here - that Bionicle got so far as to almost have a main character in a rather large role in the second LEGO Movie, that role being on-par with the raptors of Rex. Yes, it was cut, but the very fact that it was even considered shows LEGO still cares and is acknowledging Bionicle more than they used to.

Who works for LEGO…

Which begs the question:

Possibly three people sitting around a conference table eating steak and wiping the corners of their mouths with Bionicle money?
LEGO is a business first, a toy company second. They’re quite possibly the most powerful toy company in the world, and definitely the most powerful with the least production or resources in China. LEGO is a household name and a household product shared and purchased by nearly every age in every demographic. Upholding that is more important that appeasing a few thousand people on the internet demanding necromancy be committed.

Not to mention that some of the largest portions of the community (in LEGO’s eyes, anyway) are repetitive cesspools of toxicity which most people avoid, but LEGO doesn’t. Until they die out, or LEGO finally drops them altogether, the rest of the fanbase is stuck with the label of self-centered hypocrites.

This information your ex-LEGO employee’s cited is entirely true. As well, Kjeld stepped down as president of LEGO directly before that, and hired someone outside the LEGO family to run the company.

Hm… What if LEGO decided to bring Bionicle back, with less of a story emphasis and much more of an emphasis on making good sets? sure, they won’t all be perfect, but it’ll be a generally good line, and if people like it, it can go past the three year mark. Well?

I recall hearing the same thing from likely a different source. There’s no hiding that Bionicle was a real moneymaker and an absolute success in its early years. And, as you suggest, possibly too great. Before 2008 that is :astonished:

Do you, David, recall how long it took to make the T rex set they just put out? It’s heavily implied it took the majority of five years, and was entirely thanks to an employee’s MOC. It takes time to make individual sets, and even more to plan out six waves of a single theme just in the product pitch.

And yet people will, because they need LEGO now. Not tomorrow, now.

I completely disagree. Solely based off the Takanuva concept art, it’s evident someone was thinking of a way to translate that small of as Bionicle character into LEGO format. And if Nick Vas is a LEGO employee, then LEGO is thinking about constraction, and more specifically, Bionicle.

LEGO will never satisfy you if your demands are to do G1 over again, or continue where it left off, or whatever. That Bionicle is never coming back. In kind words, get over it and move on.

Am I saying to move on from Bionicle? maybe. You can keep moving forward in Bionicle, heck, even move forward with G1. But clinging to your crib only makes it harder to let it go. G1 is never, ever, EVER COMING BACK - I can repeat it in bold if you’d like - the exact same as how anything else long gone will never come back. Bionicle G1 is a mix of what it actually was and the conceptualized, flawless version everyone has in their heads, which is different. If LEGO somehow managed to perfectly match one person’s dream with a return they would crush everyone else’s; it isn’t going to happen. If G1 came back exactly the same as it was when it started the charm would be lost, and it wouldn’t be the same G1 you had.

If Bionicle comes back a third time - and given how ranting and raving brought it back once, and nobody here is going to stop anytime soon - please, please don’t be so greedy for something that will never come back. Be happy with what you get; a third chance may be our last.

As for if LEGO’s disrespecting Bionicle? They dedicated an entire section of their gigantic museum to the theme. It’s forever engraved in LEGO’s lengthy history of successes and failures. And it will be a double-sided curse to the company for the rest of its days because surely it’s gonna happen again at some point, right? can’t it happen all over again, LEGO?

LEGO is no more disrespectful to Bionicle and its community than we are to LEGO. Not even giving it back to us could please us.


@Ghid your entire post is just…

Oh, this is so good. I’m currently writing a video about this. BIONICLE’s brand has somehow managed to become so much more than the sum of its parts to our small little niche within the niche of the LEGO community (reusing this term from earlier because it’s important to remember just how small a gang we BIONICLE superfans truly are).


As Obsidian mentioned, those drawings were made in 2015 when Bionicle G2 was in full swing, so it kinda made sense to include them then. However, the actual movie didn’t come out until 2018 when G2 had already been dead for about 2 years. While the Lego movies are supposed to be fun and enjoyable, the main purpose of them is to sell toys.

Also, the fact that Bionicle was even considered to be a part of the second movie is still a great thing in its own right. There are some many other themes through Lego’s recent history that could’ve been included like Exo-Force, Agents, etc. but weren’t.

Lego isn’t really known for making big press releases about themes being discontinued. The fact that G2 got a press release saying “hey, we’re sorry, but we’re going to have to cancel this theme early” is very out of the norm. There have probably been many themes that have been canceled prematurely but never got a press release that they were being canceled early

Also, the fact that we now have set designers like Nick Vas and Toothdominoes that are including references related to Bionicle is a great thing. They probably have to go through some review to make sure prints and stickers are appropriate, which means that if these referential stickers and prints are making it into official sets, then it means that Lego is fine with them being included. If Lego was trying to disrespect Bionicle, then they probably would have rejected the stickers and prints

I don’t believe this at all. This is an example of people jumping to conclusions way, way too quickly. With Leaf, we know absolutely nothing about the sets, we only know how many there. We have no names, no piece counts, no price points, nothing. Just an arbitrary number of the number of sets this “theme” is going to have. 2020 isn’t for another 4 months, loads of things could change before we reach it. Heck, the theme could already be prematurely canceled and we just don’t know it yet

Finally, I just want to address the fact that we’ve had Bionicle as a theme for 12 years. I can’t think of an original IP by Lego (aside from the big three that started it all) that has lasted as long as Bionicle has. Now, Ninjago might eventually beat it, as it’s basically an evergreen theme at this point, but that’s not going to be for another 4-5 years or so. The fact that Bionicle has been around for 60% of my lifetime (I’m currently 20) is pretty amazing to me and while I would love for it to continue, I know that’s probably not possible, at least at this point in time. The fact it even got a second chance after so many years was a great thing for me, as I was just a little kid for most of its original run.


That’s where the fans come in. As Christian Faber once said, BIONICLE is now what we make of it. It’s up to us to build MOCs, write fanfic, draw art, 3D print masks, remake old video games, play RPGs and use our creativity in any number of other ways. That’s how we will keep the legend alive.


So here’s my two cents.

First off, I don’t think Lego is in any way being disrespectful. The little hints and nods to the old theme have been nothing but a joy for me.

Now going forward I do have a few opinions. First of all, Bionicle’s 20 year anniversary is coming up. I absolutely think Lego should do something for that. But it’s also likely that they won’t do anything. They don’t have to do anything. So the fact that they do what they’ve been doing is fantastic.

Though I think we should try to make a comparison on what Lego could be doing. Lets take a look at Clutch Powers.

The first time that Clutch was referenced after his movie (to my knowledge) was in that one episode of Ninjago with the talent show thing. It wasn’t anything more than a simple name drop, but I still really appreciated it. It’s the equivalent to the quick picture cameo Bionicle got.

But fast forward to now, and good 'ol Clutch is getting a staring role in the next Ninjago season. This would have neen equivalent to Takanuva getting into the movie.

Now lets be honest. The only way Bionicle will get a major reference outside of a set easter egg will erither be in Ninjago or a Lego Movie. (By the way, there was a reference in the Lego Batman movie. Bionicle Man was a movie title above a movie theater)

Now here’s the thing about Clutch. The target demographic won’t know who Clutch Powers is. His inclusion was entirely to make old fans like us happy.

Now Bionicle is a lot different than most of Lego’s other stuff. They can’t just slip it in like they did with Clutch. But it isn’t impossible.


They made a brand new gear mold that they only reused twice.

This is misinformation. The gyro gear was first released in 1991 in Technic set 8856 Whirlwind Rescue. It was used in a few other technic sets afterward. It’s designed specifically for the rotor system found in 8856 and 8412. It also fits a wheel hub in 8880. The curved teeth make it easier for children to hold on to, which is why the Hordika use it.

I don’t understand how LEGO is disrespecting Bionicle. They acknowledge its existence with easter eggs from time to time. It was very popular at one point, I guess, and it sold a lot of toys to children.


If they included Clutch Powers without any intention of promoting anything, why can’t Bionicle make a similar appearance? I mean sure, there was that minifigure pack that included him, but I don’t think they went trough all the trouble of adding a new character to the show just to promote that.
You might think Bionicle doesn’t really work with the rest of LEGO’s themes… but we still got the Bionicle minifigures from the playsets and the Invasion from Below minifigures.

It’s like GI Joe and Transformers. You can make a Joe have a cameo in a TF movie, but you can’t shove in a freaking Transformer and ve like “Na na. It’s still a cameo”.

What trouble?[quote=“LegoDavid, post:30, topic:50060”]
You might think Bionicle doesn’t really work with the rest of LEGO’s themes… but we still got the Bionicle minifigures from the playsets and the Invasion from Below minifigures

So what? Even those were pretty… Eh.


I was gonna put my thoughts on here, but I think others like @Ghid and @BioKnight have summed it up better. Long story short, no, as many have cited, if they were considered to be shown in TLM2 even if they were cut.

Only the future will tell if the bonks return.


I mean, there could just happen to be a completely normal totally not a robot concept camero in a parking lot in some scene.

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That would be more of an Easter egg tho.

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Hopes and prayers, Max[quote=“MaximusPrimal, post:28, topic:50060”]
Now lets be honest. The only way Bionicle will get a major reference outside of a set easter egg will either be in Ninjago or a Lego Movie. (By the way, there was a reference in the Lego Batman movie. Bionicle Man was a movie title above a movie theater)
Well that isn’t entirely true. But I should probably note that Bionicle has received more subtle hints and nods than any other LEGO franchise. I mean, the amount of references to it is really innumerable.

I mean, just look at this.

Out of context it seems like a really poor edit, but this was actually at the end of one of LEGO’s videos on their site. It’s been a really long time since I snagged the screenshot but I think the video had something to do with space exploration.

Normal LEGO fans would be interested at the font choice. Bionicle fans would snap to attention. And that’s exactly what I did.

Thanks for ignoring my and BioKnight’s posts btw

Because Clutch Powers was a one-off character which slips seamlessly into the current LEGO mindset for the vast majority of their current products. Bionicle is buildable space robots on an island; tell me where that fits anywhere.[quote=“LegoDavid, post:30, topic:50060”]
there was that minifigure pack that included him, but I don’t think they went trough all the trouble of adding a new character to the show just to promote that.

Yeah i’d like the Minifig pack that comes with Toa Mata Nui pls

Including Bionicle in anywhere near minifig scale means completely redesigning them. And as you can probably guess, that’s a super risky gamble.[quote=“LegoDavid, post:30, topic:50060”]
You might think Bionicle doesn’t really work with the rest of LEGO’s themes… but we still got the Bionicle minifigures from the playsets and the Invasion from Below minifigures.

Yes, and they were garbage. :gregf:

If you want to include one of them in a movie, you couldn’t emote them naturally. Their faces are insanely bumpy and the prints are super tiny. They would be the most emotionally dead characters in whatever media they appeared in.[quote=“Traykar, post:33, topic:50060, full:true”]
I mean, there could just happen to be a completely normal totally not a robot concept camero in a parking lot in some scene.

Up until Michael Bay’s Transformers, the concept camaro was just a car. Bumblebee became the camaro to help sell the vehicle, and it’s a business move that worked and worked well. And as you may have noticed by reading this topic, Bionicle fans seemed to be intensely dissatisfied with constant easter eggs.[quote=“Kardax, post:32, topic:50060”]
Long story short, no, as many have cited, if they were considered to be shown in TLM2 even if they were cut.

I think this is even more of an indicator that LEGO really wants to do something with Bionicle, but can’t because they’re shooting in the dark. Having a major cameo in the lego movie 2 would have been a good way to test that IMO, but I can see why they chose not to.


Clutch Powers was really only able to make an appearance in the recent NinjaGo stuff because of the name drop they gave him back in Season 1 when the straight to DVD movie was more recent and they were planning on doing something with it as a franchise. Obviously this didn’t happen.

And as far as Clutch is concerned now, he’s a completely different character with just a few aspects of his original incarnation present. The old movie might as well not exist and it’d matter just as much with the current incarnation in Season 11. They don’t necessarily need to promote anything Clutch Powers related because he was already established in the world of NinjaGo and could therefore be used without needing to cross promote anything.

BIONICLE was a successful theme for years before they chose to end it and save the brand name (only to bring it back years later and damage it anyway, but that’s besides the point). Having a BIONICLE character cameo in NinjaGo or Hidden Side outside of stickers in the sets wouldn’t make any sense since there’s not a theme to cross promote. If G2 had been successful and was still going, then it might make sense to have another jont through the realms like in Possession when Chima got a small cameo and quickly pass through Okoto, but since G2 only “sold well” there’s no reason to do that except by doing the sticker Easter eggs that set designers have been doing recently.

And that’s all those are, they’re Easter eggs.


I can safely assume they don’t mention BIONICLE because the LEGO group is a company geared entirely towards selling toys. Never under any circumstance would LEGO want to take attention away from their current product.

It should also be noted that a very large majority of the people who originally worked on BIONICLE are gone. Having most likely moved on to other opportunities outside of LEGO. The people you don’t see now making all those cheeky references to BIONICLE & GALIDOR are employees of LEGO who grew up playing with BIONICLE. Even then, the only references they can do are whatever’s in the budget for the set they’re designing.

Without a doubt there’s probably any number of people within LEGO who don’t care for BIONICLE, but doesn’t it seem counter intuitive for a company to disrespect its own intellectual property?

Now, finally, regarding Takanuva’s cut appearance in The LEGO Movie 2.

I don’t know how or why he was in that concept art, being that it’s concept art I assume it is used to generate ideas and anyone can draw anything there. Don’t assume someone at LEGO slammed their fist on a table and demanded Takanuva not be in the movie.

It is my assumption that when considering what would fit into Rex Dangervest’s niche of of that edgy teenage demographic, of course BIONICLE would be considered.

I’ll even let you in on a secret. Do you want to know what Takanuva would’ve looked like in the movie?

Here you go.

Some people assume that this is a mech suit, and you can see Takanuva’s legs sticking out on the bottom there. Personally, I don’t believe that. Maybe if G2 had continued, maybe this prototype would have CCBS elements in there. One thing to bear in mind though is that CCBS is gone. Retired. All those parts aren’t being produced anymore so making this Takanuva out of bricks and technic shouldn’t be mistaken as any sort of dis towards BIONICLE. If Takanuva had been in the movie there’d have simply been no BIONICLE elements to make him with available to the set designer.

I personally assume that this is just something along the lines of a drone, and the name Takanuva is in the same vein as The LEGO Movie’s and The LEGO Batman Movie’s BIONICLE references. Just that, a reference. I.E. a blink and you’ll miss it easter egg thrown in by people at LEGO who love BIONICLE just the same as you and I.

Why wasn’t it in the movie? Well, it’s a movie, and they might’ve wanted to focus solely on the raptors. Having Rex have robots and mech suits and spaceships would dilute the raptors, which have much more joke potential. Also a name like Takanuva would be weird to put in the LEGO Movie 2, obscure reference or not.


That’s a thought I’ve had too, but don’t really consider that due to the importance behind that name. If they wanted a random drone to have a BIONICLE name as a reference, they could’ve easily gone with Bohrok. It probably would’ve been easier to translate to system in some capacity and they were literally drone characters. I think using the name Takanuva for a random drone, even just as a reference, would be something that they wouldn’t do because it dilutes the importance of the character in their lore.

If they were to do that, then you could make the argument that they would’ve possibly been disrespecting BIONICLE’s memory.


The problem with this is that literally all of Rex’s vehicles had a “Rex” pun in it, so even if they hadn’t come up with the idea yet would mean that they would have to discard the reference.


Do we know this for certain? Are there no sets currently in production that use even a few CCBS parts? Even Ninjago dragons or mechs?

Yeah, sorry about that. I love looking up part origins but somehow missed this. I guess it serves me right for having used Brickset’s incomplete inventories this time around instead of Bricklink’s fan-curated database. That’s a lot for the catch man!