Is LEGO Disrespecting Bionicle?

Oh my bad. Yeah, I believe the feet we saw used on the protectors are still around, but CCBS shells and bones are out. They’re not available on LEGO’s website for buying replacement bricks and the like and I also haven’t seen them on any of the newer sets.


I don’t think LEGO, as a corporate entity, is trying to disrespect BIONICLE.

The placement of the BIONICLE slide in that little montage - unfortunate placement it may be - was the decision of the director(s) of the movie, not the company. And if it was a theme that they really felt there was “no need to mention”, why did they mention it anyway by showing it on screen?

BIONICLE sold well and contributed to the company’s revival, but it’s not like that enslaves the company to always keep doing BIONICLE related stuff. We got a major nod in the form of G2, and that didn’t go over well. Whether that was the fault of the story team, the set designers, the media team, or the general market - it didn’t capture lightning in a bottle the same way the line did in '01. And it managed to divide us old fans that the nod was being given to in the process.

The worst thing that LEGO could do right now is try to force BIONICLE cameos or whatever down our throats. The older generation would find a flaw and take offense, and the younger generation would see us as a bunch of ungrateful… somethings. (the website is telling me the word I want to use is offensive and I can’t think of a good substitute.) The Hidden Side nod is subtle enough to work, I feel, and if my sources are correct the designer was once a BIOMOCer in his own right. He knows how to get us excited, the upper echelons of the company probably do not. As far as I’m concerned the BIONICLE section of the LEGO house is a worthy enough monument to the theme.


Maybe “Takanuva” would have been a mech that shapeshifted like a transformer into the likeness of the real Takanuva.
But that’s just a theory.

So uh… a humanoid mech that transforms into a humanoid robot? Doesn’t seem like much of a transformer. :stuck_out_tongue:


A STRANGE THEORY, thanks for reading :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I mean, the mech doesn’t look that much like a human or Takanuva, so it could have been possible.

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I think we’d get improved versions of the playset versions of Bionicle were they ever to be in TLM2. Think the Barraki/Mahri or Inika/Piraka minifigs, on the scale of the Exoforce robots, but maybe with some Mask helmets or something.


I’d love to have something close to the Hero Factory Invasion from below minifigs. Those minifigs had objectively superior articulation, customizability, and character expression to any of the BIONICLE minifigs (or the Exo-Force robots). Perhaps most important, they had masks (technically helmets, but still functionally the same as late G1 Kanohi).

(thanks @exxtrooper for the pic)


I wish the bionicle system sets had had minifigures like the Hero Factory ones.


Okay, this is something I’m very passionate about. I have a very strong opinion on this.

Why does everyone always assume that “A bunch of other things we don’t need to mention,” is meant to say that no one cares about the themes they flashed? That line has always meant “themes we don’t have the time to mention,” because all that scene serves as is exposition explaining the threat facing the LEGO world.

For the purposes of the movie, all it wants to focus on are the themes it included: Wild West, City, Cloud Coocooland, all those main ones shown. The ones in Will Ferrell’s diorama. And it would be at the detriment of the movie to attempt to include every single possible LEGO theme because that would be too much for the movie to handle and still have a clear focus. It was the right call.

So when Wyldstyle is explaining to Emmett what is going on, that entire little sequence of extra themes is a nod to the much, much, much greater and larger LEGO universe that the film simply can’t focus on. And Bionicle being included in that I see as an honor. They bothered to even include the theme as a part of the larger universe, they acknowledged how important it really was to the company, and they know how important it is to fans.

You know what else was included in that sequence of themes? Pirates, Castle, Vikings, Minifigs, Friends, Speed Racer, and Fabuland. Two of those are original System themes, Vikings was a later off-shoot of Castle, Minifigs is extremely popular, Friends is the flagship girl-focused theme and a major focus of The Second Part, Fabuland was once a main young-children’s theme, and Speed Racer, while obscure, represents the larger world of Licenced LEGO themes.

So please, please, stop assuming that scene was meant to make light of other LEGO themes. You really think LEGO would consider Castle and Pirates, two founding LEGO themes, something not worth talking about? I consider Bionicle being placed there an honor and a tribute, even if it was for only 8 frames.


Those would be fantastic. But long story short, Lego ain’t disrespecting the bonkles.


I can see arguments from both sides. On one hand you could say that Lego has done the barest of minimums to the point of only adding it in as a joke. On the other hand you could say that we’re lucky to have been mentioned at all considering how old Bionicles is. (G1 at least.)

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Pretty sure LEGO was manufacturing CCBS parts when the Takanuva mech concept was in dev, so kinda invalidates the above(?), but that’s a solid concern; none of the superhero “mechs” have used any, and it seems like the only remnants of the “system” are claws, those shin things, and feet. Ask a designer?

(and yes im aware im a week late lmao or something)

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I suppose we could page @toothdominoes about whether or not there are any CCBS parts in the current LEGO production inventory that designers can use (if they’re even allowed to share such data).

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76114 Spider-Man’s Spider Crawler, 76115 Spider Mech vs. Venom, 76122 Batcave Clayface Invasion, and 70678 Castle of the Forsaken Emperor all have constraction parts.

These molds are still available in 2019, although there are smaller and more practical action figure parts in the jurassic world dinos and the superheroes big figs. It’s much more expensive to collect those, though.


To be honest, I don’t knowif most of them, if not all of them, count as CCBS.
The claw piece was mostly just used as beast legs or hands, so I guess it counts.
The big feet definitely count.
Those two pieces that make the Protector blasters seem to be closer to Technic than CCBS.
The smooth armour piece and the rectangular-ish one kinda counts, although by this logic those small spike add-ons that fir in the CCBS armour shells would also be considered CCBS pieces (and they really aren’t).
The ball pieces also seem to be more Technic than CCBS.
Same for the fin piece.
The Bionicle hand piece predated CCBS.
The small sword piece might also be considered Technic, although see my point of the smooth armour piece.
The extender is definitely CCBS.
And the Bohrock eye also heavily predates CCBS.

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It’s worth noting that that hand piece was redesigned specifically for CCBS. It differs from the ones seen in pre-CCBS constraction.


Yes, but the older ones could still be used on CCBS.
As far as I know, they only added in the new design for the socket and filled in those gaps inside the piece, switching them to a very small whole on one of it’s sides.

… So? That doesn’t make a CCBS pieces not a CCBS piece.

It still predates CCBS. How can it be CCBS if it was made before the system itself?