Is MOCpages dead?

Over the years I've heard a variety of FOLs (notably the high-profile claim that is a dead website with nothing good being posted. I know there are a few 'pages veterans on this forum and I'd like their (your) thoughts on the matter.


I feel like MOCPages is not dead, but it is dying(Or it was stolen by Matt)

I feel that the Bio-community has many good posters, like Fenrek, and I imagine it will continue for a long while.


MOCpages is alive and kicking.

And I know quite a bunch of excellent MOCers who are MOCpages-based. If we're not talking about the people centered on other sites but still interact with MOCpages on a regular basis.


I don't believe the claims that the Brothers Brick has made about MOCPages. I do, however, that its activity has decreased slightly by newer sites like Deviantart and Flicker. But this activity could be regained by BIONICLE's return and by popular members of the community, such as CallenLOF, who post their creations onto the website.

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its nyrans fault

Callan's inactive.

Try someone else.

Callan's is not inactive, he's just semi-active and not frequently posting his creations. There are still plenty of BIONICLE MOCers on MOCPages including Cossy, Fenrek, 3rdeye88 on these forums, and countless others. They may not be as active on the site these days as they are on other websites, such as Flicker and Youtube. However, these famous MOCists usually will have a link to their MOCPages userpage embedded onto their profiles on those said sites.

Never been on moc pages, I know, sad. ~Pyrox