Is Mr. Makuro a Turaga?

Mr, Makuro, the founder of Hero Factory, doesn’t really look like a robot. He may be part human, an alien, or a Turaga, as some people think. In Hero Factory, were robots are constantly upgrading, Mr. Makuro, if he were a Robot, he won’t really look as old as he is. Do you know anything about what he could be?


My headcanon is that Mr Makuro is Takanuva as a Turaga. If you look closely, you’ll notice that Mr Makuro has original Bionicle feet instead of any type of Hero Factory foot. He also wears a Turaga-like robe.

I theorise that after the Battle of Spherus Magna, most of the Toa were too battle scathed and unfit to fight anymore, and therefore retired and eventually became Turaga.

New threats arose, but no-one was there to stop them. So Takanuva created the Hero Factory - a place where new Heroes could be made to counter the evil forces. Once they became old, new Heroes could simply take their place.

Around the towering factory, a city was born, a sanctuary for Matoran and Turaga alike. Hydraxon eventually joined the Heroes, and became known as Von Ness. After the infamous ‘Von Ness Mission’ Von Ness crash landed in a scrapyard and rebuilt his body using pieces of deceased Nuhvok. He obtained the Black Hole Staff from the junkheap, declaring himself Von Nebula.

Still, that’s just 8 year old me’s silly headcanon.


Finally! Someone decided to ask the big question. I’ve always had my suspicions, but never thought to make a topic about it.


There’s definentely something… off about Mr. Makuhero, but my child self never had any theories.

inb4 Hero Factory is set in the Kingdom universe.

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Short answer, no.


What if his odd design and attire is due to TenselTownToons reusing and slightly modifying assets made for the future BIONICLE movies?

And as far as the Mata feet are concerned, well, they’re all over the HF specials.


I imagine this is the case, since they were developing stuff for BIONICLE 5 when the line got canned and HF replaced it.