Is the Golden Mask of Skull Spiders canon?

Just wanted to gather some views on whether people here regard the Golden Mask of Skull Spiders as being canon or not.

(Having come from another site where certain members like to shout down anyone who disagrees with their own opinions, I’d be interested to see if there are people out there who share my view. And if this site seems friendlier than where I come from I might even stay! :smiley:)

My case would be that it isn’t canon, because it doesn’t appear in any story material at any point, despite the relevant story section being covered by two books, a graphic novel and an animation.
Furthermore, the function it is claimed to have of “controlling the Skull Spiders” is shown not to be true (or at least to be unnecessary) in Revenge of the Skull Spiders, where the Skull Spiders seems happy to serve LoSS even when it is unconscious (and therefore unable to be using any mask).

But what do you think? The Winter 2015 equivalent of the Drained Mask of Ice, or sacred canon by the people who brought us Skull Basher’s “Shoulder Spikes of Doom”? :wink:


Maybe it was made for beings other than LoSS to assume control of the Skull Spiders?


It could still be canon if we think of its function in a different way. For all we know it may not belong to LOSS in the first place. If it belonged to some other entity (maybe Makuta) then it could still have its advertised function but be for them to control the SkSp army (including loss).

Of course I’m probably totally wrong but who knows.

oh and…

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Its possible that if they ever wanted to explain the origin of the skull spiders it could come into play.

For instance maybe the spiders were once masks but when ever someone put on the golden mask they took control of everyone wearing a skull spider mask.

Just a thought


Could be

Yeah been there, done that, and i would diffidently recommended staying here this one of the best forums i have ever been a part.

Probably not.
I use it as the golden mask for my MOC of the to a of shadow (started before the release of the bulk of the official story). I imagine that LOSS is jus tone of his forms, and he actually can have shadow webs come from his wrists and entangle foes. Also, he tricked Tahu into coming after him alone, allowing him to take Tahu by surprise with his secret form and use a skull spider to not only steal his mask,but possess him and make the other Toa have to fight a foe of their strength with no qualms about killing them, while they are forced to restrain themselves.
I’m gonna post it soon.
I’m off-topic, aren’t I?

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TTV book club people, don’t read this post.

I think it has to be.


In RoSS, we see LoSS defeated and unconscious. However, later on we see a giant snake under Skull Spider control, revealing that everyone under Skull Spider Control before still is. Either the Skull Spiders are their own entity led by LoSS, or they are still being controlled by someone else – Makuta, mayhaps?

Plus, wasn’t it mentioned that the GMoSS raised one of the Skull Villains?


I belive that the golden skull spider mask is in reality the mask of Control, and the spiders is a meens that the gold mask use in order to take control over other creature’s I belive the mask lost some of it’s power and because of this can only fully control the spiders now.
And that it needs the spiders brain wave link to control villigers or the Toa.
Also belive that the mask of control was what Makuta made befor perfecting the mask of power. ( I always belived that the mask we get this time with the Hunter was the mask of power or mask of elements who either is the mask that Makuta made that drove him mad or the mask used to give energy and in a way life to the mask’s crafted by Ekimu.

That’s what I’d assume - they seem pretty intelligent / autonomous when they have that conversation about what to do when LoSS is unconscious.

Which does make it a bit questionable in Island of Lost Masks when Izotor is slicing these apparently sentient creatures in half with his saw… :confused:
(Maybe the Protectors think the Skull Spiders are just mindless drones directly controlled by LoSS, which is why they expected them to stop controlling things once LoSS was defeated. In reality, they are more like members of a gang, obeying LoSS of their own choice because he is the biggest / coolest / scariest spider.)

P.S. Club Magazine said Slicer was resurrected by a Skull Spider Mask (not necessarily the GMoSS) and controlled by LoSS but that seems to be incorrect based on the animations / books. (This is already a wall of text so I won’t go through all the evidence here but I can if people are interested. ;))


I was referring to the character bios/set descritions.


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Heck ya! He is all those things!
So, skull spiders are like those dumb kids who follow the bully because he’s big and tough and they want to be like him.

I know this topic is old, but it still has not been answered. But every other mask, like drained MoI at least makes sense. LoSS can’t even were a mask, and if he were to, doesn’t he already control the spiders? I only have one conclusion:

Story material scrapped too late.

They didn’t have enough time or budget for this mask to be included in the story. Also, people make a bigger deal out of stupider things and this topic has 12 posts? I think this needs to be discussed more, now that Bionicle is now over 2.