Is the Ignika or Vahi the more powerful of the three Legendary Kanohi?

I’m not talking about power level, rather I’m referring to the claim Greg made here,10 where the Mask of Creation is the “third most powerful mask.”

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What do you want Greg to say that’ll be different?

The answer I’d like from this question is whether the Ignika or Vahi is the most powerful.

Ahhh. You probably should change the title to reflect that.

Like that?

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Greg has said numerous times that the three legendary masks are equal in power.
Also I don’t think Greg was implying an “order” with his answer, just which masks were the most powerful - and of course they are the three legendary masks.

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It’s important to remember that the quote Waddlez cited was before Greg confirmed the Mask of Creation to be Legendary. During that time, he did not make any confirmation one way or the other, and even occasionally implied he thought it to be a Great mask. This is detailed on the BS01 page. I think it’s clear that the quote cited is simply Greg’s opinion on which three masks are the most powerful, regardless of Legendary/Great.