Is there an Aomori Nebuta Festival like parallel in the Matoran Universe?

Going back to Bionicle: Mata Nui Online Game, The Le-Matorans were celebrating by dancing and playing music. In another animation, the Matorans were cheering and celebrating after seeing Takua and Jala rebuilt in The Rebuilding. Furthermore during the time at The Rebuilding, there was a holiday as well, such as Naming Day where Matoran have their names changed, for instance, Jala becomes Jaller. There was also a Kohlii Tournament as well. It goes to show that in these following, there are celebrations that occur in the Matoran Universe.

If that is the case, I mentioned once in a topic about Aomori Nebuta festivals as well as evidence that the Matoran are capable of making Lanterns.

So is it possible that there is an event similar to the Aomori Nebuta Festival?

I mean there are some similarities and differences between real life culture and the Matoran universe. For example, in the Aomori Nebuta festival, there are some cases that people wear masks, just as Matoran wear masks as well. And we can’t have masks unless we have someone that makes mask and wouldn’t you be surprised, we have a Mask Maker in real life, and there are some examples of Mask makers in Japan who make traditional masks similarly to how the Mask Making Matorans make masks. I mentioned that there were some Matoran that play instruments, same applies to some people in Japan playing the drums, bells, flutes, cymbals, etc. If this is possible, theoretically this could show that both the Matoran Universe and real life are not so different from one another. If you have some comments to prove to be the case or contradict what I had stated, please discuss here and I will follow up with what you have to offer.