Is Turaga Vakama a highly Influential Character?

Hi everyone! I'm Mar! Is Turaga Vakama the reason why Mata Nui subsisted and Metru Nui refound?

Vakama did a lot for the Matoran Universe, his experiences as a Toa gave him the knowledge and wisdom to lead the disoriented Matoran. Tell me, is he the reason for Mata Nui's (island) foundation and the rediscovery of Metru Nui?

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He was a very influential character, but he isn't the only one responsible for founding Mata Nui Island and rediscovering Metru Nui. Those were a team effort between the Toa Metru and then also the Toa Nuva.


Vakama's my second-favorite G1 character, so I definitely think he's important. If not for his visions, the Toa Metru might not have known where to begin their quest, and the Vahi also would not have been made.

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Nuhrii is more important than Vakama, without him he wouldnt succeed as a Toa, he wouldnt be so good as a mask maker, he wouldnt have any of his visions if he didnt put some cactuse juice in his cup while he was resting, and he wouldnt be such an important character without him. #NUHRII4PRESIDENT mkay

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I like to imagine that when Vakama dies bionicle dies, he died in 2010 but was brought back using the mask of creation

Alternate version of Ekimu confirmed

Vakama narrated the whole story such as movies and books