Is Vidiyo the new Galidor?

If you have followed the demise of this theme it is quite apparent that this is Legos biggest failure in the past several years. It has failed so spectacularly that it is unsure whether bandmates s2 will even be released. Could this be a new generations equivalent to Galidor? Is Vidiyo an even bigger failure than Galidor was? What does this say for Legos future?


there is no nick bluetooth
no nick no galidor/s
i don’t know. is vidiyo already cancelled?

Pretty much. They’ve even started giving out sets for free.

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I find it so hilarious how LEGO keeps avoiding to just simply admit that their theme failed. They did that three times in a row with Bionicle G2, LEGO Movie 2, and now Vidyo, saying that “the theme focus tested very well”. :laughing:.

Bruh, why can’t they just be honest for once and admit their failure and learn from it? It isn’t like they have any shareholders to answer to or anything…


Wait where.

Probably nothing. Galidor was during a time when Lego was barely getting by (they were so desperate they invented Bionicle). Now they’re hugely successful.


Because LEGO is a company trying to sell products. They might recognize something as a failure internally but can’t admit it publicly, especially if said product was recently on store shelves. Kind of a bad PR move.

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I mean it was a bit gimmicky anyway which is always a gamble, guess the gamble didn’t pay off here.

Lego historically has a pattern now of either jumping on trends late e.g. Toys to life, or trying to reinvent the brick and make some mixed medium that is supposed to enhance the build or play experience.

As to Galidor, I do not think the reports showing it’s exact losses were released so we cannot compare them precisely in terms of monetary loss. The free sets is not a perfect reason to say it is worse as even if Galidor sucked they were still trying to make money in those dark times compared to now where they are above water and can afford to slash prices completely to get an embarrassment off shelves.

At the end of the day, Galidor was near incompatible with the Lego system whereas Vidiyo had some good figures and colours (If you are into pastels and furry figures that is :stuck_out_tongue:) so Vidiyo has (slightly) more redeeming qualities.


I can actually confirm this. I had one delivered to my house three days ago for completely free. I guess they just need to clear out the presumably substantial leftover stock.


Galidor was a pretty huge mess that could hardly even be called Lego but they do make these jumps into mixed medium that work sometimes, I mean just look at Bionicle, even if it took then a few attempts to strike gold with that one.

Galidor was better than Vidyo, prove me wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

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Vidiyo has dabbing minifigure, automatically making it worse


And in mere minutes my entire argument collapses.
I suppose I will say, yes it is the new Galidor.


He’s dabbing…why is he dabbing MAKE IT STOP!!! :weary:

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But didn’t they say the theme wasn’t really “cancelled,” per se? Just shelved until 2023?

most likely because Lego
either doesn’t know what’s trendy,
cant acquire a license for amogus,
doesn’t want to make an amogus set,
thinks dabbing is still Kool and Xtreme,
(seriously they have released sets called “Xtreme stuntz”)
or all of the above.