Iserif v2.5: Colrar the Grim Reaper v1.5

Had his improved version laying around for a month but never got round to taking pics. So anyway here you go. Hope you like it.


After many battles, Colrar’s body began to age and sustained injuries that never healed

So I have removed the trans blue bones, added blades into his cloak and body to show how he’s been in battles and doesn’t care about his body anymore

Scythe storage

Dagger, another is concealed beneath his cloak at the hip, you can see the handle.
All the blades in his cloak and body can be used by him.
He still has a gear function activated by the flame pieces on his back.
I also lengthened the lower arms so they were less stubby. Changed his scythe by using Brutaka’s silver sword pieces instead of Rotor’s black ones. Chmaged his hands from trans blue to silver. Added armour on the lower arms so they were more bulky.
I didn’t believe the chamges was substantial enough to call him v3.

He is quite tall.

So what do you think, any further improvements? Do you like it or do you dislike it? Better than his previous version? Let me know.


I like the mass of cloaks.

The red looks good, but I feel like it should be more apparent in the legs. Also the blade on the left side sticks out and imo doesn’t look good. The blade as a spine looks good, and it isa improventoverthe last.

@Omega_Tahu Thanks, the spear blade you are talking about. The idea was it stuck out as it’s embedded from a previous fight

@Hutere_the_Toa_Of_Air thanks


Iserif v2.5: Colrar the Grim Reaper v1.5
I don’t get the title. If this is Colrar, what is Iserif?

Love the new version!!!

@Xing1870 Iserif was the original who got turned into colrar by Umarak. This is colrar v1.5 so iserif v2.5

@MyAlexDk thanks


Honestly feels very messy and the colorscheme isn’t the best.

@SwagMeister How do you suggest I fix it being messy and improve the colour scheme

Jaller kinda looks scared.


Haha lol. Rightly so too

@Ninjanicktf so do you like it?

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Yes, I do. It looks pretty menacing.

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Thanks, glad he looks menacing. What would you suggest improving, if anything?

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I’d remove the white flames of his scythe and replace it with red ones. I think it’d fit the color scheme better.

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Yeah I realised I forgot to do that, I need more flame pieces unfortunately :frowning: . I’ll try and find something, anything else?

@Ninjanicktf cheers then :slight_smile:

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the moc seems good otherwise.

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What by chance was his previous version?

What do you mean?

I mean could you tell me where to find his prior form so I can compare.

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