Island of Mystery(RP Topic)

Echo thinks for a second. “we could go travel for a bit. not like walking around the island, like actually travel.”

“How? got a boat or something?” She jokingly asks, “In all seriousness that would be fun.” She replies quite intrigued by the idea.

“should we try it?”

“Of course.” she tells him.

“alright then” echo secretely had another thing he wanted to do, but he’d save that for the spicy tumblr fanfics/s

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Azure starts to drift away in her own thoughts.

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Ic- Echo starts to as well but snaps out of it. He snuggles up to Azure, smile growing wider as he did.

Echo gets a smile in return as Azure looks at him.

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Ic- Echo envelops her in a hug

Azure hugs him back.

“I’m bored.”
Athena said to Bernard, standing up.
“Where is your alter ego moc?”

“so. hugs are certainly a thing. a nice thing at that”

“Okay…?” he responds unsure of what to say. “To answer your question I still don’t know as I said he went looking for someone that’s all I know, promise.” he concludes

@BrokenAxels “Yeah” She replies, “A couple of days ago you would’ve complained” She teases

“I’m going to find him or my brother or who knows, maybe Vladin.”
She said, leaving the room.

“maybe, maybe not. is it really important?” he jokes

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@Toa_Vladin “I’m not responsible so if anyone asks I’ll tell them it’s your idea.” Bernard replies feeling a bit bored himself, “Besides reuniting you with your brother is the least I could do.” He comments

@BrokenAxels “Yes, it’s totally definitely super duper important so don’t take it lightly.” she jokes back.

“you’re right sensei. i should never underestimate the importance of these things” Echo stifles a laugh

She said, leaving the room.

@BrokenAxels Azure laughs too, “Of course, you shouldn’t but that’s why you have me!” She replies

@Toa_Vladin “What are we cheering for?” Bernard asks clearly confused

“wow, you’re right. i’m so lucky to have you, sensei” Echo jokes