Island of Mystery(RP Topic)

Groggily, Runa opens his eyes. The sun blinds him, but as his eyes adjust he sees around him many other unconscious creatures. Some of them were fleshy creatures, unlike what he’d seen in his long life, and others were metallic, something he was more used to. He stood up. “Ugh. What happened?”

Vladin opened his eyes. Last thing he was remembering was Rena hugging him after the last mission.
“What the flip?”
He stood up.
“I am on the beach of the island? Why? I was in the Region of Fire!”

Vlad opened his eyes too.
“Oh, man! I finally found a way to talk with Sophia herself and now I am on an abandoned beach.”

Athena was still sleeping.

Helias wakes up. Finding it hard to open his eyes due to the sun. He groans. Where the hell am I? he thought. He sits up, finally opens his eyes, and looks around at the figures besides him.

Norax doesn’t open his eyes immediately. Soon enough, he opens his eyes and stands up. “Where am I?” He says after looking around a bit.

Lorens wakes up on the sand. He looks around and sees no one. After seeing no one he gets up quickly. He thinks,
Uhhhhhhhhhh…Ummmm…So…wha…Food.I’m Hungry
Lorens goes to search for food

Vladin started to walk around, looking confused, then he saw Norax.
“Thanks Tahu! Sir! Are you a Toa?”

Helias looks up to Norax. He stands up. “I don’t think anyone here has the answer to that”

Vladin looked at him.
“Who are you? What are you?”

Norax picks up his mask, which fell on the ground. After putting it on, he answers Vladin’s question. “Yes, I am.”

“God yes! You know where we are? Is this Okoto?”

Lorens starts haphazardly looking for food, not paying much attention ends up walking to a beach.

“What’s Okoto?”

“It’s my home island. Where the other Toa are! I need to go to them! Do you know if this is Okoto?”

Vlad was walking not too far away.

“If I don’t know what Okoto is, would you think I’d know if this is it?”

“Okoto?” Norax asks, confused.

OOC: Norax is from the G1 universe, so he won’t know anything about Okoto.

OOC: In my universe, G1 and G2 are connected.
IC: “Yes. A big island with six regions. A big city in the center.”
OOC: Callan is in your team too? :stuck_out_tongue:

Lorens started walking down the beach, he feels a bit hazy. Moving this much after just waking up is giving him a headache.

Runa looks around. “Hello.” He says as he bows. “I am Runa, Bringer of Death. Who’re all you folk?”

OOC: Callan?

IC: Norax turns to face Runa. “Greetings. I’m Norax, Toa Isa of Stone.”

Lorens seemed to busy looking for food