It Hungers | G3 Vorahk Concept Sketch [Art] [Characters] [Story]

As with many other viewers of the TTV Podcast, I too was inspired by the discussion in episode #234 to brainstorm Rahkshi designs for a potential BIONICLE G3. I knew immediately that the first I wanted to tackle was Vorahk. I wanted to turn his traditional power of hunger against him.

The result is a very rough, very stylised sketch I made the moment I had some free time and paper and a pencil on hand. I admittedly drew most of the inspiration from the original Vorahk and, well, a skeleton (with arguably some Lovecraftian influences). In all honesty, I couldn’t think of much else to do with him - not yet. My intent was to create something disturbing that looked to be in great torment, but to be fair the end result may be kinda goofy. Though if I remember correctly, Meso said he could picture Vorahk being the comic relief with his eating habits… so I guess it’s a win either way?

It should go without saying that this design couldn’t possibly hope to be adapted into minifig form, but I’m okay with that. That’s the point of it being a “concept”. As is evident I’m no great artist (the leg proportions especially make me wince), but I do plan on refining the artwork and filling it in with color at a later date. I’m posting the current product here and now because I’m unsure when or if I’ll get around to finishing it.

But he got his fork and knife, yo. Lovingly soaked in meat juice.

Little bit of character plot:

"Vora was sent by his cult, the ‘Sons of Makuta’, on a mission to the Earth Region to retrieve one of the mystical shadow Rahi known as ‘Kraata’ believed to inhabit the deepest caverns there. Legend had it that the six Matoran who found the Kraata and bonded with them in the purest of rituals would discover unfathomable power. When Vora finally dug his way into the cave littered with countless bones and rank with the stench of corpulent flesh, he was certain he’d reached the holiest of holy places. When he finally found the writhing slug he’d been seeking for months and lifted it to his face, chanting the psalms of his people, he was certain he was on the path to eternal blessing. When his body finally began to grow and he felt power filling out his limbs, he was certain his brothers would finally be proud of him and accept him and his newfound strength.

He was wrong on all accounts.

Vora hasn’t been heard of since he began his journey. But rumors have it that a phantom of the shadows, known in Matoran tongue as a ‘Rahkshi,’ now stalks the darkest of tunnels in the Earth Region in search of anybody and anything that will cure its insatiable lust for sustenance. It’s said to be light, nimble, and fast as lightning, with a multitude of arms to assist it in gorging itself when it happens to stumble upon the unlucky Rahi or Matoran. Perpetually starving and unable to be satisfied, the Vorahk waits in agony for the day that it’ll be released from its the bonds of misery."

I hope to get concept sketches of the other Rahkshi up at some point, and I do plan on creating some actual minifig designs. 'Til then, leave your thoughts below and critique as you wish.

Revised Image 2/28/17:


This is the stuff of nightmares. I love it.


I’m really liking this, it has a very savage and struggling look to it.

Seeing a completely unarmored skeletal frame in BIONICLE is unusual (I wouldn’t count the Skull Villains), but after seeing this, it makes me interested to see what other species’ skeletons would look like.


Goodbye peaceful sleep.


Aye, but… Don’t you think it’s too underage for LEGO’s standards?

Jokes aside, the main problem I see here is the lack of an insectoid feel to it, although that might be the intention based on the podcast but I haven’t yet seen it at the time of this post. I’d like to see you tackle Kurahk.

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Aye, that’s pretty much the intention. The Podcast aimed to redesign the Rahkshi into creatures/monsters that partially resembled animals that in turn exhibit the traits/abilities the original Rahkshi used as powers.
Kurahk is anger, so I’d probably do something that resembled a bull/minotaur. The Podcast suggested an ape or yeti-like beast.


I dig this. The backstory is captivating and has a folklore vibe to it. As for the drawing, I like just how overall unsettling his silhouette is. The head is neat in looking like he placed the skull of a prior meal over his head.


He reminds me of a Yokai from Japanese Mythology, which is awesome. Nice work. I’d love to see a MOC of this.


Alright, guys, so I was looking back over the sketch and man - I did not go far enough in some areas, and in others I went too far.

So, I updated the picture a little. Most noticeable of the changes are the addition of cobwebs, plus the removal of both the nostrils and the weird squiggle lines outlining Vorahk’s bones. I changed the way he grasps his utensils (which is obvious with the fork, considering the old erased one is quite visible… apologies for that), and I added some crack lines across his entire form, most notably around his eyes to give the impression of intense pain.

Check out my original post for the revised image.

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I think it’s an improvement.

…But where’s the colour version?!


General Grievous, is that you?