Itorai - Sentient aquatic rahi mutant

(Why must these take me so long to write?)

So yeah, finally got around to finishing off another backstory/etc of those rage builds I made like, months back.


Name: Itorai

Itorai’s species were originally a species of underwater rahi, from the higher depths, until the fall of Voya-nui forcibly migrated them to the lower depths as it fell.

They ended up within the pit, it’s mutagenic effects changing them into a more bipedal form.
As time went by they eventually began to grow more sentient, forming a basic, If somewhat archaic society. It wasn’t until the mask of lights fall and the Toa’s arrival that they fully began to grow.

While they remained uninvolved in the events they watched as they happened, fascinated to see ‘bubble-walkers’ that could survive without needing to return to the ‘bubble’. It intrigued them to the point that they began to wonder if they could also find a way to survive within the bubble.
(They had known of the matorans that fell, and even attempted communication, if only a few times. They had quickly stopped after they were driven back each time, being mistaken for Barraki/related, and realized how ‘poisonous’ the ‘bubble’ was to them.)

Afterwards they began collecting scraps, from those left of fallen beings, to rusted weapons and any remnants of machines they could find.

Through those scraps they managed to devise a breathing system of sorts, originally allowing for the circulation of water to necdessary areas, allowing for temporary survival in more ‘arid’ conditions, and enough communication between species to both show their lack of threat, and even set up a trading system that eventually allowed them to gain the necessary pieces that led to their current breathing system which allows for extended stay out of water by both absorbing the moisture out of the air and any it is submerged in, and dispersing the used/contaminated moisture, allowing for a near permanent stay out of water.

Somewhat dependent on location of course.

For the most part, many of Itorai’s species preferred to stay near their home region, rarely even leaving the water for more than a day, even those with more ‘adventurous’ spirits carried a tendency to either remain in the same region as their home (having actually followed the once pit fallen island back to its original location of rest), or still carry their wariness of the surface setting up small underwater villages nearby different island.

Itorai on the other hand is a one of the few in that minority who truly carries adventure within their hearts.

Itorai loves to explore, from travelling new lands, to discovering before unknown beings, many of those meetings resulting in subsequent battles, she’ll do, and has done it all.

Gender: Female

Personality: Friendly, adventurous, a touch boastful and exaggerative, all standard traits for lovers of adventure such as herself.

Other attributes: While her and her species may not be able to manipulate water to their will they can ‘sense’/detect the currents within it, using their manipulatible fins, a remnant of their rahi past, to catch them and swim at incredible speeds, easily matching that of a swimming Toa of water, allowing for theirmainly water based travels and life.

‘Water’ circulation/absorption pack built into her chest, necessary to survive on land.

Weapons: Two swords formed from what appears to be the smelted armour of some rahi, suprsingly sturdy.

Pose and Quotes:

Pose & Quote - 1: Sparring partner

“Haha! Sparring eh? Don’t expect me to go easy on ya!”

Pose & Quote - 2: Fish

“Yeah, I was a fish. What’s it to you?”


The waist area is very thin and hollow, expecially from the back. Looks really good other wise. Neat concept


Yeah, I can agree with that.

At the time I was mainly going for a simple Inika build style with a ‘custom’ torso armour (to match with her limb armour) and then realized I had no idea what to put on her waist that’d fit.


you finally improved good job

… eh?

remember how i hounded at you for being bad?

Not really… My memory’s pretty bad, can barely even remember yesterday.

It is am ignika build so it suffers from that besides that though its not bad.

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Jyep, glad to hear I still got a good design for a rage/quick build.