Ivo's Police Mech

This MoC has a story behind its creation, so I'll talk about that first.

My younger brother had recently gotten Furno Jet Machine, but he was unsatisfied by it; mainly because of how much the pilot was exposed. He asked me to build him an awesome Furno mech with better armor. So I did.

I tried to incorporate aspects from all the previous versions of Furno into this mech.

I liked it so much, I said to myself, Why don't I build something like that for myself? So I started to, but I soon ran into a problem. The core of the build for Furno's mech was two of those pieces that hold XT4's lower arms on. I only had one. So I was stuck. Then I realized, I had a ton of Technic, from Witch Doctor. So I used that and invented a design that had ball joints in the same places as that piece. And because I built it from Technic, I was able to attach on additional ball joints for more points of connection. I built two mechs for myself using this technique. One was black, yellow, and trans-green; it is currently under reconstruction. The other I still have together. It needs no reconstruction.

Showing its poseability and functions. The next album shows some of how I put it together.

So, what do you guys think?


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Very nice, large mechs! I especially like the torso on the white one!


sweet! they look like they could give makuta a run for his money! (well, maybe not...you get the point.... I'll shut up now...)

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you are a very nice brother. I have 3 younger brothers but because I only see them 1/4 of the year, i can't do that with them. Also i try to separate my collection from theirs.

But all things aside: love it. it reminds mt of NickonAquaMagna's IFB mech revamps and I loved those

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This is fantastic; both of them!

Now I actually (gasp) want to see if I can track down some IFB sets.

I like the Furno mech more than the... uh... the Ivo one.



I'm glad you asked.

This is Ivo's mech, because I had two of Evo. I took one of them and turned their Hero core 90 degrees so it now reads 'I' instead of 'H'. Evo's mech is currently under reconstruction (for the fourth time) because I'm trying to make it look like a walking tank.

The story is that Evo had this idea; if he could clone a Hero, then the clones would all have the same Hero core as the original. They would all be 'connected' and function as one body, making it far more efficient than giving orders to individual Heroes. The original Hero is able to control his clones subconsciously.

Evo cloned himself, and the clone acted as he thought it would... until it realized that Evo was controlling it. It thought, Why should he be in charge? Why not me? So he escaped and stole a prototype police mech. Evo has also been outfitted with a mech in order to track down and recover the rogue clone, named Ivo, but he has lost constantly (hence the reconstruction). The shredder claws on the prototype are much too efficient.

I'll post Evo's mech once it is completed to my satisfaction.

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Build me an army of them worthy of Mordor

Those are two, very cool mechs. Great job on both.


Why stop at Morder? He should build an army...

worthy of the Galactic Empire itself!

Actually, he'd probably be more at home with these guys:


They can't aim tho

Good MOCs. I like how well armored they are, for using nothing but CCBS from what I can tell.


I built the white one entirely out of pieces from Witch Doctor, Dragon Bolt, Stringer 2.0, Black Phantom, Core Hunter, Evo XL Machine, Evo Walker, Frost Beast, Rocka 4.0, and XT-4. I only used about a third of the total of those parts.

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I love both of these MOCs! Both looks amazing, and threatening. I have nothing bad to say! Great job!

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They are awesome! I tend to do this with my bro a lot..but it tends to go as follows.

1: see what is wrong with the normal one.

2; slap armor on it till it looks good.

3; profit...

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