Izu, dark toa of electricity.

Originally a toa of electricity, she acquired dark powers over control and now uses chains along with her element to manipulate others.

Some puppet master looking tools

And becuase all toa metru had a weapon gimmick; increased speed mode?


Pretty nice! I like what you did with the nuva shoulder armor and the mask, they flow well together. The only problem I have is the exposed axle ends on the back. Still a pretty neat MOC though!

Vaguely similar to Toa Seihu.

Using the Vorox/Skrall armor inside the torso for bulk is unusual, but feels incomplete; especially from the back view.
Using the Hero Cores for shoulder coverage are nice usage-

Pure coincidence. Though it really is very similar.

Oh snap, it is O_O. I like it though. Especially with how you made the bulk for the middle to lower torso. I gotta do that someday.

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Shoulders are pretty high, but good otherwise.

Certainly a good improvement on the last. Pretty good, my guy.