J.O.W, the grumpy elder

This is just a quick little Moc that I thought of after building Folk, my selfmoc. His name is J.O.W (or Joe). He is an ancient and wise being, though he tends to be sarcastic and grumpy. He is so old that Folk has to open independent pocket dimensions to fit in all the candles of his birthday cake. Thank you for leaving your thoughts!

And here is the obvious Mask of light reference:

Here is the update. A more complete head design and an extra finger. Enjoy!


I really dislike the fingers, but the rest looks alright.

It took me a second to see it, but then I saw it and :open_mouth:.

I’ll be updating sometime soon, I’ll see if I end up replacing them or not. Anyway thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

Does he yell at Protectors to get off his lawn?


He’s too cute to be grumpy…/s
Good job on this m8!

Oh my god. That’s frickin adorable!

Probably. His main problem with the protectors is that everyone says he’s racist when he talks about them.
“They all look the same to me!”

Eitherway, thanks everyone for leaving your thoughts!

Seems to be a very quirky M.O.C

It absolutely is! I made him with just basic parts left in my parts bin after rebuilding my collection.
I just like it for its personality and how well he works with my self moc.

Very cute!
(are the eyes black pins? and does he have a mustache?)

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You have efficient eyes I see. They are indeed black pins, and he indeed has a moustache

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He is a grumpy old man with a mustache 10/7

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The backstory enough makes this MOC 30/10.