Jabberwock, Three Horned Devil

not bad, its really smooth. Your style of moccing is really noice.

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Hmm. They don’t seem related…

The MOC itself is really cool, especially the head and color scheme.

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I love the use of a vorox armor piece as a face

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I’m very much aware of what the Jabberwock is known to be. A large part of my story revolves around it.

In my universe, certain groups of people can not only have a name but also a title to present and/or identify themselves with. Jabberwock was essentially born without a name and since there is this prophecy going on about him having to be killed lest he’ll destroy the entire world, Jabberwock seems like a very ironically fitting name.

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I like how you integrated the red axles in so that they didn’t stand out.

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This comment is relativly Off-Topic but this must be noted.

While browsing around to avoid making an existing post I found this:

I put a like on that topic awhile back, but looking at it again; I realized this mention:

This got me abit confused since both user mention it’s their first topic, but what set the deal is the like to the Deviantart; there both the same user meaning @SirIggs you either a fraud or innocently forgot you had an account here.

(this moc is still epic tho)

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that is so weird… it’s messing with my brain

he did change his name, so Im guessing it’s him, yet on flickr he is still being UnsolvableRubiksCube


This looks like something from Evangelion.

Hey guys sorry about this. I had forgotten about my previous account because I couldn’t log in anymore due to me managing to forget the correct password. Thanks for the heads up though, this will be sorted out

I should really change my Flickr handle shouldn’t I