Jabberwock, Three Horned Devil

What better start than by making your first topic about a moc you might ask? I dunno either so here we are. I’d like to make my first topic about my self-moc because I’m cliche like that. So off we go with Jabberwock, my main self-moc!

The backside was created with the intention of remaining as light as possible to reflect this character’s speedy nature. I know the colour back here is a bit fragmented and I will adress that in a future release. The axle sticking out near his lower back is there for a good reason.

The front presentation of the moc. for those who’ve known me for a bit; Jabberwock has long been a troublesome moc with a look that is hard to capture. Needless to say; I am very proud of how he turned out. I am aware of the issue with the bare axles in his shoulders. This place is rather conflicting because it relies on a pretty unique shoulder-design and I do not want to sacrifice movement.

As seen with his newly made sword. This is probably my favourite pose for him.

As mentioned before; This is what the bare axle was for; It it used to mount things like weapons. Mounted on his back right now is Nancy, the very weapon that has been with him since his first incarnation.

Here is is seen holding another rifle.

And BOOM. Yer dead ;D

Ofcourse, no party is fun without friends so here he is his best friend and my secondary selfmoc; Charles Deccon.

A last pose with him standing casually with his arm wrapped around a rifle.

Now for a backstory:

Jabberwock. The man with no actual name to call his own. No actual knowledge of who his parents were other than the fact they’re both considered to be death. With a prophecy tied to his life he travels the world searching for answers. The one who raised him from the point they met when he was five has betrayed him. He has seen comrades die and fought with demons and other horrors alike and despite that he has never seemed to reach any closer to his goals at all.

Now left without a plan, no friends to call upon and bereft of Nancy, the one constant companion throughout his life, Jabberwock is faced with yet another blade at his neck. The Dragonslayer has won and soon Jabberwock’s fate will be the same as the one he took his name from; beheaded and left to rot.

As the blade is brought down for one last time, a flash occurs and suddenly Jabberwock is in a different place. It’s a dark room with enourmous pillars that glow a soft purple. Beyond them, galaxies are visible in the night-sky.

“So this is what death looks like? Pretty fancy if ya ask me”

“Death doesn’t look like anything. That is the point is it not?” Three eyes light up as the deep voice cuts through Jabberwock’s thoughts. “I brought you here so we can make a deal… I will help you survive if you help me stop your world from ending. I would do it myself but I have billions of other places to attend to.”

Jabberwock looks at him and nods “Guess this is the only way huh”

3 months of intensive training pass and then abberwock is sent back to the last seconds of his life. He knows he has to react quickly. Once out, the blade swings at him with incredible speed and he instinctively blocks it. Transformed for the first time in those 3 months, Jabberwock’s newfound armoured form will aid him in his quest!

This is Jabberwock’s Phase II armor. The armours of soulcasters have this thing where they grow with their human occupant so from time to time they enter a different phase of their existence, just like a person would go from childhood to pubery to adulthood.

I should really post the poem/Prophecy sometime but I cannot be bothered right now. Jabberwock’s previous design was Phase I and I’ll make sure to make a moc for it to carry out that design later this year.

Thanks for all the feedback on the “preview” photos from earlier. I decided to bring his older style of head back because II feel it suits the character more. However, I’d like to take this moment to state that NONE of my mocs are canon. Any drawings I might post probably will be.

Feedback is very much appreciated!


Nice! Has a good build, a really nice color scheme IMO, and I like the use of the Vorox armor for the head. Nice MOC!

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Thanks a ton @Brickpiler

I loved his old legs but this is cool too
overall amazin

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@Ghosty Thanks bud!

Old lower-legs will make their return when I make the “Phase I” version of this character. The point of this one was basically to create an evolved form that would still feel natural and cohesive.

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You fixed the head <3

On the other hand, I noticed how bad the lower legs are in comparison to V1. They’re too stick figure. Much prefer how they used to be. Upper legs are fine.

And then…there’s the arms. They’re okay.
But you gotta fix how open they are from the side. That’s just a big no-no with an easy fix that I’m surprised you let slip by.

Otherwise he’s vastly improved from the original WIP pictures. Glad you addressed the major flaws.


I’ve honestly tried to come up with a fix but because ohw how this particular shoulder is made out of 3 balljoints, 3 mataheads and a bunch of axles the tolerances have become really weird so any fixes I’ve tried so far have not worked. Any suggestions would be welcome!

I understand the legs not being to your likening, they’re not for everyone but I think these look more proportional in the end.

Couldn’t miss that head tho ;D

Thanks for the feedback dude!

It looks like an easy fix because you’ve got open axles and half pin-holes on the side. I could see a couple medium size system dishes looking pretty good on the side for relatively low parts cost, and it would probably clean that side out pretty well.

As for the lower legs…eh, they’re just too slim. I can understand wanting them to be smaller but I can’t help but feel Piraka legs would be better…but then again this is me we’re talking about so of course I’d say that :stuck_out_tongue:

No problem. Glad to see you’re taking it! :slight_smile:

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I’ve only seen shoulderpads of that caliber on one other thing:


And here I was thinking I would see a Jabberwocky MOC.

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Mm, pretty nice MOC. Very transformers esc. But I like it. It’s well executed.

Oh wow I never thought of that haha. Awesome resemblance!

@MakutaTexxidos Sorry to dissapoint? It has reasons for sure. Like that bit about being slain ;D

@ThatchMac I get that a lot. Glad you like it tho!

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I didn’t know Guts was in Bionicle

I like the moc. It’s pretty great. Face, or lack thereof, looks a bit strange imo.

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Aside from the lower legs, which I do prefer the old ones but the new ones aren’t abhorrent, this version is much improved; I quite like it. Shoulder armor design was creative from day 1 and the placement of red is done rather well in my opinion. Also yey old head is back. =P

I like how you used those front-guard pieces for its shoulders. Also enjoy the red-lime colour scheme.

He’s not for my story ain’t bionicle ;DD

@Ketros Thanks a bunch dude!

@Huichelaar Thanks dude! You are Dutch as well, judging form your username right?

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Everything is really cool, but the name needs work.

@TheWaywardWobbuffet I’m glad you like the moc but I must strongly disagree. The name has been chosen for a very specific purpose I could not explain with just this moc and its backstoryb alone to you.

It’s great to see you posting here again, man!

The main critique I have for this MOC is mostly just the back area in general. It lacks the smoothness that the front has, and is a lot more greebly.

I do, however, like the silhouette of this MOC. It’s not something that is seen often, especially with the use of more angular armor.

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Thanks dude! Its good to be back for sure!

I’m definitely going to keep working on him until he’s better and the back will be a major focal point. Thanks for the feedback ^^

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