Jack-O'-Lantern Discussion

It’s almost Halloween, and I’m sure a lot of us are carving jack-o-lanterns or some variation of it. So, post them here! Or, you can just talk about them. :smiley: Also, Mods, I’m not sure what category this belongs in…

My own carving is a lazy, failed attempt at Skull Grinder’s mask. It does look pretty spooky, though:


Shouldn’t this to in creative content?

No, I wouldn’t think so as it’s a general discussion on pumpkin carvings, aka Jack-O-Lanterns.

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I like JOL, but I’m not talented enough to make them though. :confused:

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The fun part is the carving. The least fun part is putting your hand in the gross innards. BLEEEEEH.

At least you get to roast the pumpkin seeds afterwords and eat them. :slight_smile:


I always make one, though it’s usually just an(intentionally) crude grin with pointy eyes. Other folks in my house like to do offbeat Jack O’ Lanterns, so I generally make mine fit more with the whole Halloween theme.

Still, they’re pretty fun to make! :smile:

They’re pretty cool, pretty cool.

I tried once to make a Pakari carving…didn’t work out how I wanted it to…

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I need to go do this soon last year all i did is hit the pumpkin with a hammer untill it resembled a face

Why’d you add the ‘`’?

It’s kinda useless

hence the edited title slightly and it looks more proper

my pumpkin this year is probably not going to be carved this year because i don’t have the time

I was going to make a Hau-o’-lantern, but I decided to instead make this:

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