Jak and daxter

ah jak and daxter

I love you so

discuss jak and daxter I guess

oh my favourite is jak 3 and jak 1

jak 2 was awesome, but something about 3 I loved.

oh and daxter was a cool game

lost frontier is pretty good

I never finished Jak 2. The first one was great, though.

the second one was a pain in the a**

I swear
There was this onrails part I could never pass.

Man I love these games. Jak 2 was really hard, but it was manageable.

remembered another part of jak 2 I despised

The part where you had to get the bombs into the container things on the hoverboard

That was a pain.

Screw that part. It wasn't even just difficult like the other parts, it felt unfair.


I have played every game and here is how I personally rate them:

1 - Jak X combat racing
2 - Jak 3
3 - Jak and Daxter: the Precursor Legacy
4 - Jak 2
5 - Jak and Daxter: the lost frontier

I like all these games, it's just that I can't put all of them in the number 1 spot and I like numbers 1 through 3 better.

I never finished jak 2 because as it turned out I was playing an old file on hero mode. I got stuck on the turret mission where you have to destroy the ships. My favorite is the first game just because of nostalgia and the expensive, open, and load screen free world. Second is jak 3 because of the whole desert vibe.

I quite liked the original trilogy on the PS2. However, I was more fond of Jak 2 and Jak 3. Those games felt rad, controlled nicely, and had a great story. I never played anything outside the trilogy however.

I have a question
has anyone heard of the psp game, Daxter

basically it takes place during the two years between Precursor Legacy and 2

its pretty cool imo.

Oh, these.

I never played them, but I vividly remember watching a friend play Jak 1, Jak 2, and the racing one when I was six or seven or something. It was a while back. They looked pretty cool, though; maybe if I ever get the approprite game console, I can give them a shot for nostalgia's sake.

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on the ps3, there is the trilogy collection

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I own said trilogy collection ok_hand

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