Jaka Elemitrix of Water / Shank Creature of Water

Name: Jaka

Element: Water

Team: The Cool Head

Backstory: He is always sees the positive side of things, even when there seems be no hope he finds something. One day he stumbled upon some ancient ruins and finds some more people, you should know the rest. If not go to the previous Elemitrix.

Name: Shank

Element: Water

Base: Shark

Master: Jaka


They don’t unite? :thinking:

Sadly they don’t. :disappointed:

I like the shark, but the body is way too skinny, and the head looks weird without a lower jaw

I really like the transparent dark blue on Jaka, it’s not a colour you usually see lots of in mocs.
The lower legs look awkward though and the lower arms look a bit bare.
Overall I really like Jaka, and I think it’s one of your best mocs so far


Pretty nice, I like the way the trans blue is distributed on Jaka and Shank has an effective design for how small he is.

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Pretty good. I don’t really have much to say about this one.

Topic revived.

The lack of a lower jaw on the shark bothers me.