Jakami's first stopmotion

This took me about a week to make. Enjoy and critique! EDIT: Why can't I post it?

You may need to be master

Of course.

Ya sorry, that may not be the case but I believe it is.

Oh, all mighty mods, will thou please surely explain this to us?


To have your question answered, you must sacrifice your stopmotion to the mod gods.
I summon thee @Political_Slime, @John_Smith, @legomaster1378, @Chronicler, @Waj, @Indigogeek

I dunno why you can't post it here. Is it on Youtube?

Don't have a Youtube acoount. D; I made it with the Lego Movie Maker.

You can always make one and upload it there! The site allows YouTube players.

If you don't want to make a youtube account, is there anywhere else you'd like to upload it so you can link it? Otherwise I'll have to close this topic for not having any content.


Can you close this until I figure out a way to post it? I can't post it directly from my phone's camera roll.

EDIT: Quickquickquick wait! Would I just post the link from Youtube?

Ah, okay. Will do. smile

Yep, that's all you have to do. Just copy/paste the url, and it should automatically embed itself into the page. :slight_smile:


Just message one of us to reopen the topic when you're ready. :smiley:

ooh baby a triple


Yes, do that...

ooh baby a quadruple