Jakanader doesn't have enough money for photoshop or enough common sense for a free alternative

Hands up mother fr*ckers

I’ll just put my MS Paint stuff in here


This is how I drew when I was 4 years old

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This is how I drew when I was now years old.


Git GIMP boyo

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@Miraku GIMP isn’t that good, IMO. I do have some actual software, but this is on my school laptop.

i’m gonna eat you

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Try Paint.net. Maybe it could suit your artistic needs and it’s a free download with no premium.

I said I already have an art program. I’m just not allowed to download anything on my school laptop without their permission.

Oh, sorry. I didn’t know that was the device you use.

it’s ok. thanks for posting so people will know about my new monstrosity


Alrighty, been monitoring things for a little bit to see how things ago, and I’m afraid I’ll have to close this down. This borders a spam/meme topic, unfortunately. Perhaps another time.

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