Jakanader V2 (WIP?)

It’s been a while since I posted, but I decided I wanted to get back into Bionicle, and what better way to start than to redo my Self-MOC?


I posted something about a year ago that I wanted to be my new Self-MOC because I didn’t like the old one that much. It was far too big though, so I decided to just improve upon the old one.


No Chestplate


With the sword on his back

I thought about putting this tube through his midsection but I didn’t care for it
Chad pose


The torso is completely new, as the old one was just three CCBS arms loosely stuck together. I made the legs longer and made him slimmer so his proportions were more normal. I changed the sword because his old weapon was really hard to get working right. I also tried to get rid of most of the gold and blue because I thought it looked a bit tacky. In future versions, I’m going to try to add more different colors. The entire thing is now more flexible and sturdy.


I don’t like how the upper arms and legs look, and the way I built his lower torso makes it hard for the legs to move, although it’s better than the first one. His neck attaches from pretty far back, which can look weird from certain angles and makes it hard to pose it convincingly sometimes. There’s also a 1x2x0.5 beam on one side that’s a different color than the rest. I didn’t have any more dark gray so I had to make do with that. The feet might be a little big but I like the design so I’m not going to change them.

Other Stuff

The arms and legs stayed almost the same, although the legs are a bit longer. I kept the foot on the back and moved the gold T piece to his upper torso. Overall, I’m pretty happy with it.


This seems mostly OK, my main gripe is the proportions, specifically the torso. It seems a bit like a slab of technic, a bit too tall.


Love that chad pose-I gotta do that for every Moc I post. Nice colour scheme although perhaps add a wee bit more colour. As to improvements I think the arms need to be lengthened perhaps by making custom hands, also definitely the shoulders look flimsy because of the minimal armour in the area so maybe hand some clips to the HF torso points to fill the armpit. As to the legs maybe just something on the outer legs going up past the ball joint-although it might make the hips look to big.
Edit: would be cool if there was crown like your pfp!

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Fits my IRL proportions, I guess

I didn’t have custom hands on the first one because it was too stocky, but it could work with this build. Upper arms are definitely the first thing I plan on changing. I tried adding something to the waist that would cover up the lack of upper leg armor, but it was pretty bulky, and adding to the legs would probably hinder movement.


Not a fan of this one, for a couple reasons. Firstly, it’s a combination of two “generic” color schemes (black and silver, plus the gold and trans blue Ekimu coloration), which leads to a bunch of muted tones and nothing to really catch the eye, but still not close enough together to feel naturally muted. Second reason is the mass amounts of uncovered technic that leads to inhuman shaping, as in the upper arms, and especially the torso. Can’t say that using those trans blue discs as armor particularly works either.

I’d encourage you to try from a smaller scale using mostly base CCBS pieces + some technic, see how much of the armor you can attach to that, only using custom bits where the connection you want requires it.

this man isn’t holding back
i envy you


The shoulders are a bit too wide, otherwise I quite like it.

I managed to clean up the sides by flipping the foot on the back upside down. IMO this also makes the back look a lot nicer. Unfortunately, now the wide shoulders are really noticeable. I tried shortening them, but it limits arm movement so I’ll have to wait until I get a better upper arm design. I haven’t been able to make anything I like that much, so I’ve kept them the same for now. There’s a similar problem with the legs, which look really fragile now.


I think at this point the solution is replacing those shoulder joiners with plan old ball joints-this would shorten the shoulders by 2-3 pins. Can’t give any ideas for the hips, too difficult to imagine what piece would work there. Other wise looking good :smile:

Edit: still waiting to see some sort of crown :stuck_out_tongue:

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If I shorten it like that then I can barely move them up, so I’m going to have to make the upper arms thinner. I’ll try to remember to take a picture with an Ekimu mask for the next update

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