Jaller (A CCBS build)

So I had a yellow Hau that I had no idea what to do with. so after looking around the internet for a while, I decided to build myself a Jaller! As soon as I can get a light blue pakari, I will make a Takua.

So I hope you enjoyed! I have a couple other mocs that I’m looking forwards to posting, so look out for those! I always appreciate Constructive Criticism as well.


The fourth image made me laugh…

As far as the MOC goes, the torso doesn’t look that good. Try covering it up if you can

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This is so cute! Yeah, maybe the torso could be filled some more, but the rest of the MOC is really good![quote=“meepinater, post:1, topic:47052”]
I have a couple other mocs that I’m looking forwards to posting

I can’t wait to see them!

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This seems pretty good, but the front of the torso looks really bare. Its the only problem I have with the moc, but unfortunatley its a pretty big one. Outside of that though, its fairly solid.


Yeah, I was trying for a technic front, but as you can see, it failed.

I’ll see what I can do.






it was a reference to mask of light


I’ve never seen that, so I wouldn’t know.