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So I recently got a lot of three used Inika (Jaller, Hewki, and Kongu) and a used Mahri Jaller. Sadly, one of Mahri Jaller’s orange leg pieces had a snapped socket near the base, so it has a loose connection. I ended up switching the transparent pieces from his Inika form over to have better stability and I honestly like the look. I’ve shown other people on my discord and they aren’t really big fans of it. But I do enjoy the effect it has in the light. Of course, it doesn’t look so good in the dark.


I like it! One of the things I realized during G2 was that G1 really could’ve used more transparent pieces in its later years. Particularly for the Toa, transparent colors really give a sense of the character being “powered up” by their Elemental Powers. The Masters and Uniters all looked like real Elemental Warriors, so it would’ve been neat to see how the G1 Toa might’ve looked with more transparent colors…


Well my idea was that the transparent pieces should’ve been saved for the Mahri line. I had underwater volcanoes in mind and of course Toa would need a light source being in the deep ocean.


That looks real spicy. Jaller Mahri was always one of the coolest g1 toa sets imo. He had a broad sword and a pet gatling-gun-crab, what more could you ask for?

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Wish the crab could’ve rode on his back like in the trailer. You can do it sort of though by strapping it in with the tubes.

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I do the same and it looks decent at least.

I like having transparent under colors on things. Only problem for me is now the orange on his chest and mask is kind of out of place.

True but as long as he’s in light, the transparent orange stays bright enough to combat that a bit

I love trans-orange <3

I should put transparent blue on Mahri Matoro

I’m here for it. Honestly if you wouldn’t have pointed it out, I wouldn’t have known any better lol. I never had any of the Mahri or Inika so I didn’t remember what they looked like.

Trans orange always has a special place in my heart, its just a lovely color! I got tones of chains in this color to make a demon kinda thing eventually…