Jango fett style bionicle experiment

This moc is mostly just an experiment for the jet pack; the figure is kinda just the model so he’s just the basic inika build.

If any of you saw my Kaos v2 help me thread I mentioned one idea of his body being a “mech” for a smaller fig; that failed but this was born from it.
The shoulder cannon in bot mode can move to either side and as you saw in pack mode he can flip out shoulder guns for the wearer. (Kinda just an accident from transformation, but it works.
Robot weapons can flip for a gun or hook piraka style.


whoa the jetpack is really cool :open_mouth:


Thanks. If I can get the colors I might decorate it a bit more so it’s not just black.

Try making the Jetpack Bigger so it can cover the torso
The we will have a Kill La Kill Style Moc

Maybe not with this but is it weird I actually want to make another with the senketsu armor design. now if you don’t mind I need to watch kill la kill for inspiration.

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for some reason, I really love the jetpack

This is really good!!


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:notes:Transformers, Robots in Disguise…

Autobots rage their battle to destroy…

The evil forces of…

The Decepticons…:notes:

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Nice jet pack. I really like the transformation thing.