January Release Possible for Bionicle 2015

January Release Possible for Bionicle 2015

There’s more breaking news on the Bionicle front. Exo-6, the admin of BioniFigs who previously gave us the release window of Bionicle has gotten some new information about the release window, alongside additional information about the promotional and combo models.

Following a translation by Eurobricks member Leewun, it seems that info Exo-6 gave us before only applied to local French toy shops (which we talked about in the video). In terms of a retail release, he is suspecting a January date, with a possible Christmas release for the lucky few that tend to get these sets earlier.

He also revealed that combos will be returning, and that there is definitely a TV commercial with Gali and the Stone Protector (Defender, for those who are more familiar with the old translations). It’s not yet known if the Protectors will be side protagonists or antagonists that will fight the Toa Mata. It is very likely that there will be more commercials featuring the other Toa and Protectors, but for right now that TV spot is confirmed.

Like we mentioned before, BioniFigs is a very popular international Bionicle community, and the site has been very reliable with leaks before. It previously gave detailed information on the Chima 2014 ultrabuilds before any pictures were released. However, while Exo-6 is a reputable member of the community, he is still not a representative of the LEGO Group and an official announcement has yet to be made, so take this new information as you will.

[Source]: “[Produits] Le retour de BIONICLE dévoilé à la Comic Con de New York ? ([Products] The return of BIONICLE unveiled at Comic Con in New York?)" via Eurobricks

Written by: Kahi, 9/5/2014

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The hype train's destination is coming sooner than we anticipated. At the speed we're at, I think we may have to put on the breaks right now, because once we do, we won't come to a complete stop until January. Now, I just have to activate the br-


The brakes.

They're gone.


Man, we are getting sets sooner than expected.

I wonder if this means you might be able to get the sets early at Comic Con since they are being released so soon...

Guess we'll find out when we get there.


it never had breaks to begin with.

Turn off the engines and fire the giant cannon I put on top towards our destination, the recoil should slow us down.


Well then, the countdown to destruction continues with much hype.

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Oh yeah!

Well, at least 'round here we usually get January and February sets in early November.

Which is probably true of a lot of places.

The Commercial sounds cool.

Hopefully we get some early (December) releases, I want the Pohatu set first as the 2001 version was the start of my collection, if I get someone else first I will probably not open them till I get Pohatu. Then I can cry tears of joy, btw flood warning, tears of joy everywhere.