Jardon Building a Bionicle

Don’t know whether or not anyone really cares, but for those of you who remember CaptainSparklez, he just built a Bionicle (Skull Slicer) for the first time:

Made me happy to see 2 things I grew up with come together.

On a side note: he jokes that if it gains enough attention, he’ll end up creating a Bionicle building ASMR channel. Let’s see if we can make him keep his word.


Who the heck is thos guy? He showed up in my recommended and I have no clue what he does. Nuce to see Bionicle getting attention though.

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He goes by the name of Captainsparklez(?) on YT and he had primarily done content on Minecraft. He’s got a lot of fun content on his channel.

I realized once I started watching.

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Dang this is nostalgic
I’m getting PTSD of his EPIC Minecraft music parodies


We have a new member! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I watched this a little while ago.

I died a little inside because it took him an hour.

In my opinion this is a great sign for Bionicle. More and more people are (re)discovering it through the memes.

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