Jaton (Self-MOC)

Jaton is a toa of plasma with a Matatu-shaped mask of intangibility.

I first built Jaton in December of 2011 and posted him on MOCpages. This version of him was built in April of 2016. All of the rest of Jaton’s not very great iterations can be found on MOCpages.Also,why is it only now that I realize that his upper left leg is missing an orange tile in these pictures?

I am planning to upgrade him sometime in this year.

I like this leg design. The upper portion needs work, but I’ve contented myself with them.

That kinda describes Jaton as a whole.

The body needs work too. I’ve been told the Kohrok shield chest doesn’t work, but it has kinda been a staple of Jaton (so have the Rahkshi feet, to a lesser extent).

I like the arm design. I just need two Stars armor pieces in one color.


The chest and shoulder structure could use a bit more work, other than that nice work!

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Looks decent. I think the chest is fine but I agree that the shoulders need work. Is there a way you could rebuild it to allow for some more armor?

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I’m a fan. I like the chest, for what it’s worth, and I also like the legs. The only thing that minirly bugs me is how far the shoulders stick out, but I haven’t figured out how to deal with that on my mocs either. Good work!

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Very nice! The color distribution is great, and I actually think the torso build flows really well. The Kohrak shield doesn’t bother me too much, but if you want to replace it, I’d suggest considering the white chest piece from Ehrye, as that would flow well, and possibly cover more of the protruding shoulders. As for the arms, when you get around to matching up the Stars armor piece, I’d go with having them both be white, as I think the color blocking works better on the left arm than on the right. The white Stars piece paired with the Metru leg armor makes it look like he’s wearing a gauntlet, which is more aesthetically pleasing. My only other suggestion might be to think about slimming down the sword, as it looks a little unwieldy, but that’s a matter of preference.

Overall, though, very nice work!

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That’s awesome! Though the orange technically beams on the shoulders is a little annoying.

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Looks good, although what’s with the trans-orange sockets on the shoulders?

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Trying to put in more orange?

Thanks for the comments,everyone! And yes, the shoulders will hopefully be fixed. I don’t have Ehrye’s chest piece, though. I’m considering how I want to distribute the colors, though I would try to keep him more white than orange.

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Yeah, but it doesn’t make sense as there is no other trans orange parts on the model.

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I really like him, but it would look better if you game him CCBS white colored hands instead of mata ones

I remember this lad.

I think for the most part he’s solid, even if his style is a bit dated. (The upper arm design I might have to borrow one day). Only problem though; what’s with exposed technic on the shoulders? Ought to be covered up if possible, and have the armpits filled in.

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I like the sword, and the whole thing’s pretty cool, but maybe some armoring on the beams above the Bohrok shield would help. Those look a little off to me.