Jaton's Drawing Topic

The topics for my original drawings, bad doodles, and copying off of other things.


Child Okotan

Flumminox Over Mount Cavora

Carrot Imwe


A bad HISHE-inspired drawing based off of Disney’s acquiring of Fox Entertainment.

Phoenix falconer. I rather like this one.

A concept for a blending of Ninjago with Avatar the Last Airbender.


the concepts are good, but the actual drawing could use some work. Keep at it!

I like the ideas but the quality is very “young” let’s say.

I would that this is better than I can draw, but that wouldn’t be saying much as a toddler with a broken hand can draw better than I can.

These are okay, but I’m sure you can improve if you work at it.

A lot of these drawings are either old or not very serious. Thanks for the feedback.

That Okoto Child looks the best in my opinion! I also like how you did Fluminox and Jay. The drawing can be better, but I like it. At least is better then I can draw!