Jayfa Update

I know it wasn’t that long ago since his last update, but I made some more changes to Jayfa, and I think he’s reached a point where I actually can’t see anything else wrong with him. You’re all familiar with Jayfa at this point so I’ll make this quick:

~ Shoulders are slimmer
~ Neck is longer and now sits in an anatomically correct position
~ Shoulder spikes can now be angled outward
~ Clip for weapon on back
~ Fixed awkward looking forearms
~ Minor changes to greebling and stability on limbs

As always credit goes out to the amazing Brickthing for the weapon design

Jayfa has come a long way since I first posted him here, and so have I as a moc maker. I owe so much of that to you guys, and for that I thank you


Your mocs never cease to be impressive. This thing is amazing. Maybe a tad more gold though?


Ive tried adding more gold in the past and it doesn’t look too bad, but i prefer to keep it as a sparsely used accent colour. That’s just my preference however


Very nice, I do love that greebling.

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Not much change, but still fall in the same category of expert mocing for me-

The arms flows much better and transparent pieces placement are less distracting. A back shot would also be nice.


There are very few changes but if you look at him now in comparison to the last iteration they make a big difference. I’m glad you like him though, and yeah sorry I didn’t include a back shot this time around, I’d take one if it wasn’t 3am.

He definitely feels a lot more cleaned up. The texturing feels a lot less loud in certain areas, working in tandem with the rest of the design. Giving him more accurate proportions here also works in the designs favor.

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Nice to see you agree. The proportions had been bugging me for a while so I’m happy i finally got around to fixing them.

thats what I like to see

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Thanks for your ongoing feedback man, you’ve been a big help

I’m digging the subtle gold accents. Typically gold is so over-used that it draws attention away from the whole moc, yet here it is used sparingly and it’s nicely done.

Though the gold fingers look kind of weird, and the wrists are far too thin. I think something could have been used to add a bit of bulk, maybe a tire or some similar piece.

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2 fingers are gold on each hand purely because I didn’t have enough white ones. As for the wrists, I can see where you’re coming from and I’ll see if there’s anything I can do to fix them. Thanks for the feedback

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