Jayfa - V3

So was gonna wait till I got a better camera/finished tying any other loose ends etc. BUT! I got sick of seeing old Jayfa floating around the message boards, so here he is! Jayfa V3, or whatever the heck you wanna call him… He’s got hands now, yaaaaAAAAAyyyy (also fully custom limbs… and pretty much everything else) ENJOY!

p.s. no reconfig weapon shots this time around, kinda seemed redundant to take pictures of them all a 3rd time, he can still do it though so if you wanna see that I shall provide a link to V2

Jayfa, back again in all his greebly glory:

I have him holding a single blade so I can show off his hands a bit more, but he still keeps his second one for when things get serious:

Closer Image of how he holds the blades:

Closer Image of his free hand pointing at absolutely nothing (notice the gold chains #soedgy):

He can fold his arms… kinda:

Full body front shot without weapons:

Back shot… somewhat empty still, but i tried a lot of things and turns out he needs a lot of space if he still wants to be able to fold his shoulder spike…things down:

Also I think i might add a comparison shot from V1 so that you guys can compare:

So yeah thats the progress on Jayfa, lemme know what you think and if the changes i made are good or not, open to any and all criticism… I’m far from finished with this d00d.


This is the first time I’ve seen this MOC (in any version), and wow… I love it. I love the use of Gorast wings. I love the build. I love the colors. This MOC is really just pure inspiration. But (since every single commenter on here believes they are the next Ven, I am required to say something that critiques the moc) the mask feels a little bland compared to the rest of the MOC. Don’t get me wrong I love the spikes. And my self- MOC uses a nuva shoulder too. I just don’t feel it fits with the rest of the greeble.

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Thankyou so much! I can see where you’re coming from with the head yeah, I stripped down the armour on the feet a bit so that It would look somewhat more coherent, but eh, s’difficult, and I kinda feel like the nuva head has become my identity on the boards. So yeah, tough predicament. Thankyou again for your comment btw :slight_smile:

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This is some mighty impressive greeblework. There’s a good mechanical feel to the character and the colors blend perfectly. I’m a bit curious on the lower arms as they’re rather see-through with just that spike in the middle. Is that part of the aesthetic or do you think it should be a little more filled?

As it already was mentioned, the head has a bit of a contrast with the otherwise technical style. It could probably be balanced out if there were a few other smooth parts spread out on the moc, like the feet already are. (Shoulder- and kneepads perhaps?) Just throwing some ideas.

Either way, really diggin’ this =]

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Very nice! I think the greebled look is conveyed cohesively.

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Why thankyou. As for the arms, I wouldn’t exactly say they look the way they do intentionally, however I was happy with how they turned out. They are kinda mediocre however and are very likely to be filled in a bit more in the near future.

The greebles are strong with this one…

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^they arre pretty stong

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