an Idea I’ve had and entry to the Anniversary contest…


The large bulky gladiator fell, his defeat echoing in the silent arena.

Soon a roar of cheers erupted from the villagers as they cheered and loved their champion. The winner soon placed his foot on the gladiator

“Do you yield?”


The champion offered his hand, but was soon slapped away as the Gladiator got up.

“And that will be all for today!” said the announcer. “thank you all for coming to our Arena! Prepare for more fights soon!”

The crowds soon cleared and exited, and soon after-fight matches to entertain those who stayed started…

That night, in the barracks, The Gladiator sharpened his tools and checked his gear. However, as he heard footsteps, he saw a flash of green he never wanted to see

“Hey… about the match…”

“Shutup… There’s not much to talk too”


The champion slowly and silently left, leaving the Gladiator alone. However a set of footsteps were heard

“I said…!”

The gladiator stopped as he saw the figure at the door. It wasn’t someone he was familiar with. At all

“Who the heck’re you?”

The being smirked

“A benefactor. I heard about you and am interested in your skills”

The Gladiator scoffed, standing up to leave

“What would you need with me?” He said, finishing off the cleaning of his purple armor “I’ve just lost my grandest match yet! Now that… champion… is the top…”

“What if I said I could… give you a better position?”

The gladiator jerked, stopping suddenly.

“I’m listening stranger”

“You seem to be a powerful warrior, of immense strength and of brutal actions”

“Heh… I do pride myself” Admitted the Gladiator

“Well… I have plans for the future or your career” The being continued "Much more then these… insects… could give you in the arena.

“… what’s your name, stranger?” Asked the Gladiator

“…Kulta” He said “And henceforth, you’re my ‘basher’. I assure you, working for me will be the best you’ll ever get”

“… alright, Kulta, Sir, I’ll serve you if you can ensure me a high place of glory” Complied ‘basher’

I hope you enjoyed!

Critique and comment!



  • I like the story; It captures the jealousy of Basher very well.
  • It gives background to a character that we know nothing about, very well mind you.
  • I feel like Kulta’s reveal could have been hinted at in the beginning slightly.
  • Maybe a few names, especially for the champ and Basher.

Overall, I would say it is a 9/10 :wink:
Good job!


Ohoho. I like this story. Is the rival gladiator Skull Slicer?


Er… The Champion? maybe

Yeah, the Champion. After all, Skull Slicer was a champion loved and adored by all.

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I was going for a ‘Long ago, before the ancient city’s fall to ruin, Skull basher was once a gladiator and one of the more experienced champions of the Arena. However, he soon became twisted after his defeat at the hands of his fellow warrior, who would become Skull slicer. Given the chance to become better then he used to, he takes Kulta’s offer to become his handyman/a warrior under his payroll’ story. Anything after is subjective to what you’d think