Jeff James!

Hi Greg!

Since you worked with Jeff James on the Rahi Beasts book, i was wondering if you might know anything regarding how else he contributed to the development of Bionicle’s story! Specifically, if he mightve been involved in developing the script for the cancelled PC game. Mr. James is credited for “Script and Manual” for the Gameboy Advance game that did make it to market, so i was wondering if he mightve had a similar role working on its ill-fated sister game.

Im a fan of the writing in the PC game, so it’d be neat to know who was behind it! :smile:

Thanks for your time!


Hi Peri – I know Jeff was heavily involved with the game, but I have no information that he actually wrote the script. I can ask him.


It would definitely be much appreciated if you could!! Thanks a bunch.


Hi Peri - I wrote him last week, but have not heard back yet. I will let you know when I do.