JEK-14 character discussion

for those of you who don't know, JEK-14 is a lego created star-wars character who is non-canon to star wars. He was a clone created by count dooku with the intention to make him a sith clone with the powers of the force. He was actually quite powerful, as he took on the count and yoda at the same time and won. I really would have thought star wars would have tried to do something like this by now, as this is an awesome concept: a clone who is actually different. I have read somewhere that clones with the force were a concept early on, but this was scrapped. With episode 7 coming out, I was hoping this would be implemented into the film, but I doubt it. I want to see what you guys have to say about this, so chat away.


Moved to entertainment since this doesn't really pertain to Lego.

Well there are force-sensitive clones in the EU....starkiller.. Palpatine's clone bodies.... etc etc

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he was a lego set, and has never been in media outside lego tho....

yes but your discussion seems to be about the idea of sith/force sensitive clones.....

woops, got it..