Jelran the Glatorian - Version 2.5 (Self-MOC)

So a little while ago, I updated my Self-MOC to its second version, here:

Which of course was a much better version of the original, here:

I am very proud to present my Self-MOC’s most current version here!

WHat makes this a version 2.5 and not just a flat out 3? Well, mainly because I disn’t change that much!
I kept the legs the same, as well as the weapons, head, and most of the torso.

The main things that are different would be the extra armor added to the lower arms, the now custom upper arms, a smaller battle skirt, and overall, a much better torso.

Here’s some more pictures for your viewing pleasure!

I am very pleased with this version of my Self-MOC!
Sure, there are gaps still, but I feel that it’s a lot less boxy, but still looks just as cool as it’s second version! Also, I wish the upper arms were covered better, but I think I’ll stay this way for a while.

I could have added a cape as the skirt as @BBricks suggested, but I realized that Vladek’s cape from Knights Kingdom (The only cape for constraction I have) has a really weird connection to the head, so I just left it out.

But, yeah. What do you all think? Is he better than the last two iterations?
Please let me know, as I value feedback and constructive criticism very highly!
Thank you in advance!


He needs larger, longer legs. Otherwise, he’s fine.


Is he supposed to look exactly like Spider-Man? Because the color separation is SPOT ON to his costume. Either way he looks great!

The CCBS shells on the side look really gappy from the front, but they make the MOC look nice and girthy from other angles. Also, he needs slightly longer legs.

Needa longer and thicker legs, because right now the top half’s too bulky for the lower half.
Also, the head’s kinda small in proportion.

@king328 I’ll address you guys first, since you all have the same opinion of the legs! Yeah, I get that they are a bit small looking, especially from the front view. I could make them longer by swapping the lower metru piece for something else; I’ve tested it in it’s second version, and it looked too skinny! I’m not really that good with building custom lower legs and arms anyways. Plus, if I made him any taller, he would no longer fit in my shelf I use for a display case! The main reason is, is that I want him to actually be the size he is in Bara Magna itself, meaning that I can’t make him taller, unless I want him to be titan sized like in the first version.
Also, he kind of matches the proportions of a glatorian already, with the arms going down to his knees and such (all of my MOCs have the same proportion problem!)
And, in my opinion, I think his head is fine. maybe it’s the look of the pictures king328, or something else, but his head is already pretty big for my liking!

@ThatchMac The first time I built him, a couple of people said he looked like Optimus Prime, so I guess I’m just really good at making unintentional characters? I really don’t know…
But yeah, I never really thought he looked like Spider-Man until now. Weird.

Thanks for the feedback everyone! I really appreciate it!

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The height isn’t the problem for me, I just think the legs should be thicker.


those Shoulder attachments are a lot better! great version

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Yeah, I could see what you mean now. Specifically for the lower legs, I think!

@yolo360nosescope Thank you!


Not exactly god tier mocing but his is pretty good.