Jervax, Hunter, Guardian of Light

Hey guys, so it's been a while since I did any MOCing! I took it upon myself to create my main Destiny character out of CCBS. I believe I did a good job, the proportions are off, I know, but the colors are accurate-ish to my shader, and... well there's not much more to say. He's my first full CCBS MOC too, which I guess is worth mentioning. Anyway, have a look!


Color scheme is gud.
Brown on Blue isn't seen too often.


I like it, it works. But is there a reason for the feet to be gun-metal instead of silver?

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Lovely little guy, reminds me of my matoran sentry. Love the use of the brain attack head, it works out nice! The one thing I don't like is his weapon. Considering he's quite bulky and buff, I think he would be better with a bigger weapon? Maybe a club or something. But as he is, the knifes look a bit odd.

Look forward to seeing some more MOCs of yours!

eeh, not really, other than the gunmetal shin armor would look very out of place if I didn't do more. I wish I had that in silver...

This is true, and I was looking for a better weapon for him originally, but I wanted to keep this as close to my Destiny character as I could, and I'm not a guns-in-BIONICLE-guy, so this was my next best.

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looks like a shangheli...elite....

Also he looks good

And I thought you couldn't get any more awesome... :smile:

But anyways, the MOC looks pretty good. The HFBA head is cool and unique, though the colour scheme doesn't appeal to me personally.

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Just...flip that torso armor. Please. For the love of MOCing, flip that thing up.

What's wrong with it?

It's not something wrong with the armor.

I just realllyyyy dislike the look of the new addon upside down if it's on a torso 8P

O...kay. I don't see your point at all, but whatever. :stuck_out_tongue:

That new addon piece looks very strange the way you have it.

What's so strange about it?

The way it's positioned makes it look weird.

But...why? It's just a way of orienting the piece that we haven't seen very much until now. stuck_out_tongue