Jetera, Bearer of the Stormhawk's Blade (V3)

So I updated him

Jetera V3 (1)

Jetera V3 (2)

Jetera V3 (5)

Jetera V3 (9)

More photos here.


I think this version is much improved, and I actually really like the bohrok eyes on the lower arms, and am glad he was cleaned up so nicely, while still attempting to retain the hints of color.


Oooooh! I love the hood and the tubes. I've never seen a MOC use that kind of design choice before. Overall I really like the Black/Blue color scheme, and the awesome sword is also excellently designed and built. I'm really envious considering I will be Bionicle-less for another two weeks .

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Atleast this thing wont be revamped for loong time... huh? You will revamp it in 2 months? I guess thats fine


I like this.

I like this a lot.

Much better than the last version. This one is very nicely done.

for some reason I imagine him having skeletors voice,
I can't imagine why...

Critique Time!

The abdomen looks much nicer now
The shoulders look a lot better
The ankles/shins look really nice and compact
The mahri tubes look nice

The mask doesn't fit.
Although the shoulders look better the round armor looks awkward.\
The mahri tubes look obnoxious to pose.
He still just looks a bit awkward in some of the posses


My two main problems with the MOC are the mask and the shoulder armor. For the shoulders, I would try and fill in the top of the shoulder armor so it looks less shell like
For the mask I would either get rid of it or give the MOC some sort of gun. The scoped mask just doesn't fit a character that otherwise looks like a knight.

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I literaly have no Idea how my revamped, slim, Knightpriest got more points than this

I dont eaven


much better
But the posing
Kills it

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