Jetpower Mech Suit

Probably my messiest build ever. This exo suit is based off of Jetpower Optimus prime from the bayformers movie.

The cockpit has a visor that can come down but i prefer how it looks with cockpit open. and the boosters on the back can also act as shoulder cannons


Sup Gala, as I said before, Jetfire!

This build looks very impressive and the build is large and the armament is incredible. Some parts are a bit gappy but are easily fixable, the cockpit and back engines are my favourite bits.

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I wish that this is what Rocka got in the Brain Attack episode of herofactory, instead of just a lame jet pack


Yup, there are definitely more gappy areas than i’d like. the back is not as well covered to allow the jet packs to come over her shoulder as cannons. I forgot to take photos of the mech suit without the jetpower stuff on it, i’ll probably take photos later and upload then on my flickr.

@optimus_priminski yeah, i was a little disappointed that we never got an exo-suit type mech that would fit a full ccbs figure. I definitely bought 3 of the jet rockas to try and make an exo suit using the chassis but was too lazy to make it work out.

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