Jitil's Star Wars Brickheadz - Requests Reopened

I go by Jitil now. Booyah.

So, some of you people may remember my old Brickheadz topic. Now, in anticipation of The Last Jedi, I have another Brickheadz topic. This time though, it is purely Star Wars Brickheadz. Also, I just make whoever I make when I wanna make them, so there is no rhyme or reason to the pairings.

(Quick sidenote: My computer is really spotty, and Bluerender doesn’t always work, so some pics might be in Bluerender, and some might just be screenshotted.)

First we have General Grievous and Darth Maul. Credit for almost all of the Grievous inspiration goes to Nathanael Cole on Flickr.

Next I made Angstykin Skywalker and Oorimaarku/Prune Face, requests from @Peelacar and @Whaddon on the Patreon server.

Then we have Lando and Nien Nunb, ala Return of the Jedi.

Then Krennic, Thrawn (credits to Will Kirkby on Flickr), Hux and Kylo Ren.

And most recently, Wat Tambor, Snoke (it was pointed out to me that Snoke looks strangely like Kratos), Sabine, and Finn.

Requested by @Stuubh, Biggs Darklighter!

As requested by @Stuubh, @RogueToa, and @Toa_Vladin, Jar Jar, Trench, and Dengar.

@jayzor17 and @RogueToa, here is Revan. This was one of the most fun to make, actually, and I took inspiration from the new official Boba Fett for the lower mouth area.

So, finally! Biggest update yet. And Bluerender crashed because there be so much.

For my own enjoyment, I made Artoo and Yoda. Sue me. Credits for their inspiration to some guy on Eurobricks. For requests, @Wheatley got Plagueus. And @Asriel got 99. Great choices.

@prentice1215, I apologize for the terribad Skirata. Oh well. @Toa_Vladin, you get Chewbacca. And @HistorianIvan, you get Plo Koon.

So, I made one I feel is my best, with no inspiration from anybody. I present the Phase I Clone. I named him Bob.

Another big update here. First, we got two Phase II clones, one Shiny and one 501st. These were literally upgrades to the Phase I, and I’m proud of that fact. :smile: Then C-3P0, and Ventress, requested by @Whaddon on the Patreon server. Then Bobbajo, then Chirrut (really proud of him) and a B1 Battle Droid.

Six more Brickheadz today, with Ahsoka, Rey, Ezra, Tarkin, Constable Zuvio (requested by @LeKrahka) and Baron Papanoida (requested by @Gringat).

'Nother new batch, with helmeted Sabine, Chopper, Embo (Requested by @Wolk), Mr. Bones (requested by Aerious) and Admiral Ackbar. (Requested by @Ghidora131.)

It’s a Death Trooper.

@Hautaka and @Ghidora131, here’s Palpatine and Darth Vader. In the instance of these pictures, I feel like the shininess of the Bluerender Renders works against me. Shrug.

Another update: Mon Mothma and Princess Leia, a Scout Trooper (for @Stuubh) and BB-8 (for @Toa_Vladin.) I feel like Scouty is the best one this go-round.

One of these things is not like the other…

So, for another batch, we have Phasma and an FO Stormtrooper, hopefully better than the official (requested by @Mistah_Grammaticul) (And I have no idea what the heck was going on with the stormtrooper’s reflective surfaces) and Oohla-Oola (requested by @LeKrahka.).

@ToaTumult, Here is Ki-Adi Mundi. This guy always sort of wierded me out.

But what about the droid attack on the wookies?

Updated Plo.

And, inspired by CM4Sci, Qi’Ra from Solo.

Based on the main character of Star Wars Resistance, mine might be the only one ever made: Kazuda Xiono.

Jedi Master Adi Gallia.

Jedi Master Yarael Poof

Greedo. Btdubs Han shot first and always did

My third attempt at an FO Stormtrooper. I think it’s my best yet, by a fairly wide margin.

@Ghidora131 Here you go. Enfys Nest.

Pilot Luke.

It’s the Grand Inquisitor.

@TheMOCingbird Hey’s it also Fives.

Big batch today, of a Praetorian Guard:

A mini Yoda:

Paodok’Draba’Takat, my favorite background character in Rogue One:

Twi’lek Jedi Aayla Secura:

L3-37, one of the most fun characters in Solo:

And an updated Maul, heavily influenced by, once again, CM4Sci:

Also, I’ll probably regret this, but I’m reopening requests! Do you have a Star Wars character you’d like me to immortalize in my computer’s hard drive? Ask away!

Peace out.


Holy pink hair, Batman! Love the look of Sabine.

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These look great! You certainly have a talent for making these little dudes. But requests you say… how about Dengar or an X-wing pilot?

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Very possibly…go one further. Any specific X-Wing pilots?

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I think I’m gonna go with Biggs Darklighter for this one. I like his helmet design.

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Who? These all look really cool, I just don’t recognize that character.

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It’s a really obscure background character from Return of the Jedi. So obscure, even I didn’t recognize him when Whaddon asked me to make him. And I did take a few artistic liberties, mostly with the cape, cuz I couldn’t find a color that didn’t blend with his skin.
Reference Pic:


Wasn’t he just there to fix the copy machine?


Kratos looks pretty cool.


These are cool.

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I enjoy all of these.

But the best one is grevious.

I enjoy that one the most.


Thank you senpai Exx.

And the current requests are being worked on. I have not had a free moment today, so expect them some time tomorrow morning.


You should try to make trench or harch next. Oooh and revan, and Darth bane can’t forget about Darth nihilus! I trust you would ace them, as you did with these!

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Requested by @Stuubh, Biggs Darklighter!


Jar Jar.


Looks great! Thanks.

As requested by @Stuubh, @RogueToa, and @Toa_Vladin, Jar Jar, Trench, and Dengar.


I’m really liking how these are turning out. Could you work on Revan when you get the chance?

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Here’s maybe an obscure one: how about a Kal Skirata in his Bantha Hide leather jacket? Pyramid shaped knife is optional.

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