Jocasta v5

I hope I finally got it right this time. I should’ve learned how to draw anatomy before I started this thing and it would’ve saved me a lot of trouble. The colors are subject to change, as I’m undecided on how to deal with the yellow orange. Edit: I forgot to mention that poseability is virtually none because the pieces used to cover the caps between the torso and the legs prevent much movement. The arms can move freely, though.


I did a comparison with a picture of a real body to see if I got it right, but who knows I might still have room to improve in terms of proportion and shaping. (I shortened the torso a bit for heroic proportions on the outline of the real woman, and tilted them so I can overlay it on Jocasta’s outline).


I started this thing in 2016 and each time I thought I got it right, I was wrong:

Anyway, please let me know of other female MOCs that do a better job at shaping and proportion, so I can see what I still have to do.


Come on, you know full well there isn’t one :stuck_out_tongue:

Very clean and streamlined build! Most impressive!

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The build is simply phenomenal. The proportions are pretty great, though the yellow on the feet looks a little strange. Also, it would have been cool if we could have seen some less static poses.

Its so cool to see how much you have worked on and improved this build over such a long time, that’s determination! don’t have any of my MOCs from 2016, the oldest one I still have together is from 2017

Thanks, unfortunately the legs can’t move much because of all the pieces used to cover up gaps between the torso and the legs. It’s pretty much a sculpture.

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My recommendation would be to check Flickr, if you haven’t already. It’s a great place to post MOCs and inspire from others.

Down to my thoughts on it, I think it looks really good. An issue I have is the hair, it needs more density IMO. The shot from the back of the MOC reveals the Ahvokii which is really distracting, and so are the other armor pieces. You should try replacing them with more blades and such instead of big chunks of silver.

I’ve looked on Pinterest and on Flickr. It is a huge place, so there’s a good chance I’m missing on something.

Thanks for your critique. I agree that the hair is pretty weak and I’ll have to look at how people like Djokson and Eero Okkonen do it.

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Dang, this brings me back! I remember seeing this thing back in the day. What you’ve accomplished here is quite simply stunning. The shaping of that face/hair is something else. What other changes are you planning to make? Right now my only main recommendation would be to swap out the black visorak feet on the back of legs with smoother pieces and replace the keetorange Mata Nui shinguards with yellow Meltdown ones.

Thank you sir! For changes, I’d probably make the neck thicker from the side view and maybe make a longer foot that’s more in proportion with the height.

Thanks for the recommendation. I see that weakness too, but I can’t think of a piece to replace those Visorak feet. Do you have any ideas?

As for the color, I could replace the shinguards, but that leaves the issue of the Keetorange feet, though it’s been suggested that I 3D print the feet. The other option is that I incorporate more of the Keetorange somehow.

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Hmmmmm… that’s a hard one. How about the Invasion from Below beast talons?


Unfortunately that wouldn’t solve the problem of the Visorak feet because both aren’t broad enough to cover the calves.

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the oldest one I still have together is from yesterday.

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Super cool moc! My favorite part is the silver hair it’s such an unconventional use of pohatu nuva’s claw and the way the hair drapes forward over her shoulders is just gorgeous