99 percent finished from last time. Just waiting for the bricklink with the black armor piece in the back and the yellow fingers.
I have no idea how to take a good photograph with a good background and good lighting.


that looks pretty good, i especially like the legs


it still feels so weird

You still feel so weird


This looks really nice! How did you do the eyes?

I cut out part of a Post-it flag and put taped it behind the black mask pieces. Lego has its limitations and I don’t believe in doing everything by the book.

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I like how the textures flow together

Good Job on making a MOC version of Ultron’s Lady Friend.

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I didn’t think anyone would get the reference, especially the only silver part is the hair and Jocasta is entirely silver. But they’re both curvy machines. The headgear was inspired by Scarlett Witch’s headgear if you can see that.

Jesus. I remember this thing. - It’s really moving forward. I still think the anatomy is awkward and most likely nothing in this is stable. But it’s cool to see improvements. I really dig the head.

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I don’t understand why you would think the anatomy is awkward. I can draw anatomy figures pretty well and I see nothing wrong. kind of strange to hear the anatomy being awkward considering most bionicle mocs have awkward anatomy and I consider this one to be the least awkward.
Btw 90 percent of it is stable, just not strong.

I told you, it’s like movies, everything looks good on paper, but there is something awkard with it

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well then draw it out please so I can see your point… I asked you to do this before too but you could not pinpoint your problem with it. how is it that you find this awkward and not everything else? just want to know.

Legs are still pretty long, and the neck might be a bit long, I’m not sure. But it looks pretty good now with colors and stuff.

I think any anatomical awkwardness stems entirely from the arms being too short. The legs are fine. You can make legs however long you want, you just need to make the arms be proporional to them.

(A good rule of thumb, always make the arms long enough so that the fingers reach the knees. The elbows also need to come down to about the belly button area.) :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with the arm length and have been wondering whether they were too short. thanks

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All I can think of is Jocasta, the mother and wife of Oedipus.

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That’s also what I had in mind. It’s sometimes spelled Iocasta though.

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This is very well done moc, proportionally speaking.

Other parts are well done as well i just wanted to point out that one particular thing.

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Update coming in a few days when parts arrive. @Fidda @MakutaTexxidos I hope I can address your concerns with it.